2019 Free Agency

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Re: 2019 Free Agency 

Post#81 » by imagump1313 » Thu Aug 8, 2019 12:45 am

GREY 1769 wrote:Other than bringing VC in, I agree with gump.

I wasn't that huge on Vince Carter. But he can get his own shot and play some defense and knows his role. Getting a bench guy who can do that for cheap couldn't hurt.
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Re: 2019 Free Agency 

Post#82 » by Ballings7 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:20 pm

I wouldn't mind Dwight if his overly soft personality and game-approach wasn't coming with him.

His ability to defend and rebound, battle around the paint, finish, roll to the rim, all still adept at, isn't at all soft and never has been -- but its the mental overhead and inconsistency that can still get in the way, even without being a top-offensive guy anymore, which is mainly due to his physical slow down.

His approach to the game has always been too soft, more often than not... he never really was primarily balancing the "fun" and "joy" traits he naturally has as a person (which is fine), with focus, aggression, and execution throughout each game as a player.

In his prime, this was still evident enough where it impacted his play, but could be tolerated more due to his physical tools and abilty off of that. He was dominant when healthy, and still was a commodity with Houston (Lakers was a total mess for him) when healthy. Charlotte, same, seemingly being even better than with Houston.

One thing i think he has naturally improved on is letting calls get to him, but that comes with less responsibility, as well.

Like, if he had Ben Wallace's motor and approach to the court PLUS Dwight's own actual abilities? Magic win one title, and Rockets do better than they did with him.

I'd lean toward Dwight not working out in SA.
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