Why do we care so much about the money?

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Re: Why do we care so much about the money? 

Post#81 » by lobosloboslobos » Wed Jan 9, 2013 12:48 am

SDM wrote:Kleiza, Calderon, Bargnani, Fields, and Amir are, collectively, $25M overpaid this season, at least. Next year, DD and Fields will be a good $10M overpaid, collectively. These guys aren't overpaid slightly... it's 30%+.

Our total salary is $59m, 26th in the league. If our guys are $25m overpaid then we should be coming in at about $34m according to you, which would put us far, far, below the smallest team salary total in the league. So either you're right, and BC screwed up by not having us paying out 30% less than the 29th lowest team salary in the league, isn't as big a problem as you think.

SDM wrote:This isn't "meaningless whining". This team sucks because $5M is riding the bench, $7M can't get off it, $10M is perpetually injured, and $6.5M can't play more than 25 minutes a game, and next year, $9M can't hit a three ball or pass.

Also, I hope no one currently bitching about Calderon's deal plans to be relieved in the offseason. All that money is gone and invested in another guy who didn't deserve the contract-- Derozan. It's just an endless cycle of garbage. A smart GM saves the capspace if confronted with a Derozan or nothing proposition, gets a league average SG at the minimum (like, gee, Alan Anderson), and waits for teams to dump picks and contracts on them. When you're a very bad team, it is always better to take a shot at two guys you don't know, instead of committing to the devil who keeps pounding you in the butt.

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Re: Why do we care so much about the money? 

Post#82 » by FluLikeSymptoms » Wed Jan 9, 2013 2:03 am

I was fine with Jose's and Andrea's contracts when they were signed, so I don't complain now. PGs were rare before the 2009 draft, he was a true PG, an elite shooter and high % finisher at the rim. Andrea is a huge talent (wasted, sure) so the risk/reward was there. I think both of those guys would have been paid at least what they got on the market. $9M and $10M per? No problem, quite justifiable. I could handle the trade kickers, too (JC 10%, AB 5%).

Thanks for the deets, Sham.

Never had a problem with Amir's contract. Look at the deals Charlie, Gooden and Baby Al got that summer. Yuck.

Hedo, Kapono, Fields, LK - terrible, WTF money. I can deal with paying extra money for the right fit, but these were all bad players AND bad fits at SF. Complete waste. $2-3M vets on 1+1 deals would yield the same results without handcuffing us.

Demar's extension was plain unnecessary. He was never going to outplay 4/40M and were we're the only team which could have offered a 5th year next summer. Why, Bryan?

I've always felt that if Toronto is not a desired FA destination, just put the money into coaching and scouting.

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