Leo Rautins Epic Fail

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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#31 » by RaptorReloaded » Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:27 am

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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#32 » by Boogie! » Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:41 am

**** i'm dying. the thing that makes it so funny is that i can't even figure out what he was TRYING to say. was just hilarious.
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#33 » by StatLine » Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:49 am

Zeno wrote:At least he finally said something new.

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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#34 » by KnickerBonkerz » Sat Jan 19, 2013 12:23 pm

raptorfan416 wrote:i don't get why people on here hate on leo so much.

i don't get how people can NOT hate him so I guess we're even
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#35 » by JWiLL02 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:35 pm

Yeah, I had to rewind it 4-5x when I heard that, was trying to figure out what he said between my fits of laughter.

It's amusing how nervous Leo seems to get with these halftime interviews. He has a hard time putting together actual questions and his entire demeanor seems shook. I'd feel a bit bad...but he's been doing this for 15 years and I've seen him be an arrogant ass in real life at his basketball camps, so no sympathy here.
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#36 » by Dr Octagon » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:38 pm

Zeno wrote:At least he finally said something new.

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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#37 » by waltthewiz » Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:56 pm

leo went temporarily (Please Use More Appropriate Word) there
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#38 » by ballercb4 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:51 pm

Dennis 37 wrote:
raptorfan416 wrote:i don't get why people on here hate on leo so much.

We have all been negatively affected by the reality of this team, the bias against us by the league, and cheer leading by company lackies just puts us over the top.

No one really hates Leo. If this were a top three seed, we wouldn't give a crap about the broadcast team. We could be stuck with the guys doing punjabi hockey and we wouldn't care.

One of them trying to be a doctor now...he in med-school I guess it would be one punjabi guy...
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#39 » by wolfv » Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:43 pm

These play by play guys should just embrace the team being a joke and go along with it. Hire one of the Punjabi guys to do commentary with Matt 'Punjabi' Devlin, keep Jack sick so he always has that voice, and a nervous mumbling Leo speaking in tongues. That would entertain me more than the actual basketball
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#41 » by GREY 1769 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:08 pm

It's still as funny today lulz
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#42 » by Raps in 4 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:19 pm

Leo sucks, but that isn't even remotely funny.
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#43 » by Yoga » Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:13 am

RaptorReloaded wrote:hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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Re: Leo Rautins Epic Fail 

Post#44 » by stro » Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:03 am

GREY 1769 wrote:It's still as funny today lulz

I watched it again this morning and still cracked up. It makes all the losing worth it, might just be the savior of this season.
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