Lebron: Raps should retire Derozan’s jersey

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Should #10 be retired for the Raptors?

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Re: Lebron: Raps should retire Derozan‚Äôs jersey 

Post#141 » by TRex520 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 2:51 pm

Kingsway_fan wrote:
TRex520 wrote:
Kingsway_fan wrote:
VC owns the records that matter.. including highest playoffs scoring average , highest player efficiency (Demar was 9th), highest box +/_ (Demar not top 10), highest usage % and highest regular season scoring averages in franchise history, and he totally carried his team when it counted. Yes, Demar has 9 seasons (longevity) but his field goal percentage was not that great, his defence weak, and yet he was surrounded by excellent teammates... he also did nothing in playoffs expected of an allstar to warrant serious consideration, imo. Very likeable person though.

Excellent teammates? :o

Tell me who else, aside from Kyle, was excellent or elite when Demar was here. Don't tell me JV, Lou Will, Ibaka, Mild P, injured OG or glue guy DeMarre Carroll....

Vince at least has 2 excellent teammates. T-Mac and Oak. They are either All-star themselves or all NBA team caliber.

Nice try. Tmac left before he blossomed into talent and oak was at tail end of career and trash. Tracy McGrady¬†‚ÄĒ 1997-2000 (192 Games 11.1 PPG 2.5 APG 5.5 RPG).

Oak would be third string on current raps... Dont pass your fake news on me.. I was and am a season ticket holder.

vc would have taken this team to perennial finals... Derozen was a net negative and esp in the playoffs, and the stats prove it... you are entitled to your opinion , but not your own facts...

DD homerism is truly astounding, lol.... VC will be in the HOF... DD, on the outside looking in.....

Tell me then, in ur argument, who are the excellent teammates that DeMar had?

Another "I am a season holder" weak argument. Spike Lee is season holder too, so is Jack Nicholson for Lakers. So what? It doesn't mean ur basketball knowledge more superior. Not everything U don't like = fake news. T-Mac left to have more touches in Magic, but he was already on the rise in year 2000. He bolted because he knows he is good and he doesn't want to be Robin to Vince. His skills is already there in 99-00 and 00-01 season.

Oak ya is older, but he provided experiences and veterans leadership as well. Who did Kyle and DeMar had during their playoffs run?

Before jumping onto ur hypothetical vc will carry this team nonsense. Tell me the fact te excellent teammates Kyle and DeMar has in the 5 years
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Re: Lebron: Raps should retire Derozan‚Äôs jersey 

Post#142 » by agkagk » Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:42 am

We might be the worst fans in sports.
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Re: Lebron: Raps should retire Derozan‚Äôs jersey 

Post#143 » by Jcity08 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 6:01 am

agkagk wrote:We might be the worst fans in sports.

Speak for yourself.

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Re: Lebron: Raps should retire Derozan‚Äôs jersey 

Post#144 » by RoyceDa59 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 6:14 am

The big 5 ranked in terms of influence on Raptors Nation in my honest opinion.

Go Raps!!
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Re: Lebron: Raps should retire Derozan‚Äôs jersey 

Post#145 » by The Warrior » Wed Sep 15, 2021 7:39 am

RoyceDa59 wrote:The big 5 ranked in terms of influence on Raptors Nation in my honest opinion.


Kawhi‚Äės lone season puts him over Bosh. He (Bosh) is forgotten by most fans that watched him as a Raptor and erased from their memories. A whole generation also never saw him play to begin with. Fans that joined on during the championship or during the inception of We The North aren‚Äôt exactly going to look back at the Bosh era as a time where the Raptors flourished. Bosh was arguably part of the worst era in franchise history. He has very little to no influence on our team nor our fans.

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