Mid-season trade? Only 1 player makes sense to move...

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Re: Mid-season trade? Only 1 player makes sense to move... 

Post#21 » by babyjax13 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 5:56 am

Catchall wrote:
Gert42 wrote:The problem with any Bogey deal, if I am team seemingly trading assets, why would I want a guy who isn't fitting in as the #4 or #5 guy on the best record in the league?

Because you don't want to pay Lauri Markkanen his next contract,
or because Pascal Siakam's contract doesn't make sense for a team going into a full rebuild, especially if he's starting to sulk,
or because you're ready to move on from Aaron Gordon and you see Bogdanovic as a nice player and movable asset.

Bogdanovic isn't the base of a deal for Siakam, makes no sense for Orlando, and makes little sense for Chicago since they should be rebuilding, but their FO is stupid so maybe they'd be interested (but I'm not interested in Lauri, at all - terrible defender).

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