Perimeter defense

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Perimeter defense 

Post#1 » by sip » Wed Aug 4, 2021 4:26 am

For the last 2 years going into the offseason it was crystal clear that our biggest weakness was perimeter defense. How is it possible that our gm's don't seem to see this problem? Last offseason DL did nothing to address it. Now this offseason with Zanik his first 2 moves are 2 non perimeter defenders. Zanik obviously has time to make more moves but I don't understand why it isn't viewed as our top priority. This type of think has to infuriate Rudy.

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Re: Perimeter defense 

Post#2 » by GobertReport » Wed Aug 4, 2021 4:35 am

This is our team, Ryan said Joe was staying.
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Re: Perimeter defense 

Post#3 » by Rauxcee » Wed Aug 4, 2021 6:03 am

What good are perimeter defenders if our coach isn't going to utilize them anyway because he's just going to make Rudy do it all?
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Re: Perimeter defense 

Post#4 » by babyjax13 » Wed Aug 4, 2021 6:10 am

Still time to make moves around the edges. E.g.

Azubuike + Hughes + 2nd(s) for Danuel House
sign James Ennis to a min. contract,

Also, Oni has another offseason of development and he was decent last season.

I am a fan of what we've done. I think for our needs Whiteside is not a downgrade from Favors, and may be a slight upgrade, and the Gay signing is FANTASTIC (and he is a clear defensive upgrade over Niang at power forward).

Also, the criticism of Quin in the playoffs last year is, imo, pretty unfair. There was zero adjustment he could make with our roster if everyone was just going to get burned on the perimeter.

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Re: Perimeter defense 

Post#5 » by kamazilla » Wed Aug 4, 2021 5:17 pm

Nah, the criticism of Quinn is absolutely fair. Pretty hard to make the case that wasn't a coaching failure of epic proportions which demonstrated a total lack of flexibility in the moment and lack of preparation over the course of the season. When it was abundantly clear in game 6 that something had to be switched up, the Jazz went to a zone out of sheer desperation. After maybe two possessions of players cluelessly executing their mangled version of a zone defense, they switched back to Quinn's scheme of doom, with predictable results. The players weren't able to execute properly because they so rarely ran zone during the season. Snyder didn't even give Illy a shot to disrupt the Clips' rhythm. It was like he experienced coaching paralysis. In my view it was an unmitigated failure on his part. And the success of the team in the post season will be determined just as much by his ability to do better next time, or not, as it will by roster tweaks in the off season.

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