Paschall to Utah per Woj

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Re: Paschall to Utah per Woj 

Post#41 » by Warriors Analyst » Mon Sep 6, 2021 3:50 pm

TB above me nailed Paschall in a few sentences. He's a good guy and seems to be a hard worker, but he's very limited. Rebounding is one of the most stable and predictable stats from college to the NBA and guess what? Paschall didn't rebound in college and he doesn't rebound in the NBA. That's quite frustrating, especially when you realize how strong Paschall is and how easily he can bully defenders under the basket. I thought Paschall showed some improvement as an on-ball defender last year. He should improve on that, considering he's strong as hell and is pretty agile laterally. But he still is pretty bad as off-ball defender and his limitations on that end of the court combined with his disinterest in rebounding really limit his ceiling.

With that said, Paschall can absolutely be a useful 10-15 bench scorer at the 5. If you have shooting and rebounding around him, you can put the ball in Paschall's hands and let him take guys 1v1 and he has shown the ability make nice reads as a passer.

I wrote about Paschall's season at length on my Substack, which I'll link to here if anyone wants to look at Paschall's shot charts and lineup stats.

The short of it is that Paschall went from being a borderline elite finisher in his rookie year to a mediocre one this last season. Injuries played a role in that, to be sure. But I think spacing did too. Paschall shot over 50% on pull-up 2P FGA this season and increased his mid-range FG% by 6 points to 49.4%. On a lower volume than I would have liked, Paschall also increased his 3P% to 33.3. That's still not great, but there's a few indicators there that Paschall worked on his shooting and that his touch was improved from his rookie season, but his effectiveness around the rim plummeted.

To that point, Paschall played a significant amount of his minutes in bench lineups with atrocious spacing. Brad Wanamaker is all over Paschall's lineup numbers. That sucks. It also sucks for your second most played lineup on the season to be Wanamaker/Damion Lee/Kelly Oubre/Andrew Wiggins/Paschall.

I think if Paschall is healthy, he could be useful in Utah. I suspect he'll be just good enough to piss off a bunch of Warriors fans because of how tolerable he looks in Utah. Anywho, hope you enjoy Paschall. He seems like a good kid, it's not entirely his fault it didn't work out in Golden State.
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Re: Paschall to Utah per Woj 

Post#42 » by tugs » Mon Sep 6, 2021 11:07 pm

Very nice breakdown. I do believe with the solid bench roster for Utah, he can flourish. Strictly going with bench lineup we're looking at:


Playmaking plus outside shooting should be better with the Dubs bench personnel for sure. He can play the Magette role. Him and Gay (to an extent, Clarkson), have all the space they need to operate in the midrange. Not too confident with second chance opportunities though.
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Re: Paschall to Utah per Woj 

Post#43 » by Catchall » Tue Sep 7, 2021 2:32 am

The Jazz have done well picking up guys like Ingles, O'Neale and Niang and developing them into rotational players, even starters. I'm optimistic that the the Jazz can develop Paschall and put him in a position to succeed.
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