Eating Crow Thread

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Re: Eating Crow Thread 

Post#21 » by slick_watts » Fri Apr 5, 2019 3:15 pm

Pillendreher wrote:
slick_watts wrote:how different would this team look with healthy dre and abrines?

Playing Westbrook next to a proper SG instead of Schröder would have helped this team ths season imo.

Btw: After Roberson went down, the team averaged 254.3 passes per 100 and 8.7 miles covered per 100 on offense. That's less movement on offense than this season (8.9 miles covered per 100), but more passing (231.6 passes per 100). I wonder how much of that nosedive in passing is due to Schröder being used as a trash carbon copy of Russ that isolates and then either attempts a mediocre shot or tries to set up a teammate. As the season went on, they went away from ISO Melo a little bit and I think this shows in the numbers.

EDIT: Yep - last season Melo average 1.9 FGA per game after touching the ball for at least 7 seconds while averaging 7.2 FGA after touching the ball for 0-2 seconds. This season, Schröder 5.0 FGA per game after touching the ball for at least 7 seconds.

i seem to recall us doing a lot of that b.s. passing around the perimeter stuff with felton last year. schroder is much more likely to just keep the ball and dispense with all that.

you won't find argument from me re: schroder.

i'm also not sure how important passing per 100 poss is to our offense.
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Re: Eating Crow Thread 

Post#22 » by RunOKC » Sat Apr 6, 2019 3:14 am

I predicted Schroder to get the minutes but thought he would be decent. Hopefully he turns it up in the playoffs or we're toast.
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Re: Eating Crow Thread 

Post#23 » by Osirus89 » Sat Apr 6, 2019 5:16 am

JG's shooting
I don't know whether the FO thought this was a potential outcome for him or if they just got really lucky, but their gamble paid off.
An athletic defender that can actually shoot. Go figure

Ferg has been a lot better than I thought just based off of how he was playing at the start of the season. He was a detriment at the start of the season and now a large part of the team's playoff success will hinge on how he is able to contribute. Didn't think he would be put into that role this season, but lo and behold.
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Re: Eating Crow Thread 

Post#24 » by CROklahoma » Sat Apr 6, 2019 5:34 am

JG is turning out as an insane get for us.
If only we would be coached, sky would be the limits.
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Re: Eating Crow Thread 

Post#25 » by sleestak33 » Thu May 2, 2019 10:41 am

Andre Roberstan wrote:This is a Trade Board tradition, but I figured that since we're getting pretty close to the end of the season it might be a fun one for our board too.

Post something you were wrong about this season. It has to be something YOU were wrong about—it's not a Calling People Out thread, it's an Eating Crow thread.

For me, the biggest thing is probably Ferguson's impact. He's been a nice surprise.

I thought Schroder would be better (he was massively inconsistent) but the reality is his acquisition just didn't make sense because he's basically the same player Russ is (a shoot first PG) and they already had a perfectly capable backup PG in Felton. The biggest dish of crow I ate though was after Ferguson played well for about a month I came on here and said I was wrong about him and that it looked like he was a capable starting 2. He absolutely killed OKC in the Portland series and frankly shouldn't have stepped on the court. He just didn't belong out there and was completely overwhelmed. You can hide a weak link like that in the regular season (much like they did with Roberson) but in the postseason everything gets exposed. This team isn't going anywhere with Ferguson going forward as a starting 2. He might end up being a decent player in a few years but he's nowhere close to being an NBA caliber starting shooting guard.

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