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2019-20 standings predictions

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:08 pm
by ThunderBolt
This place is dead. I still like basketball even in the offseason. Here’s my western conference predictions.

Golden state
San Antonio
New Orleans
Oklahoma City

* Clippers seem to be built deep enough to allow for George and Kawhi to not have to play every game.
* Denver and Utah are teams that I think could both have the best regular season record. I think they need more star power to win the west in the playoffs.
* I think the lakers are the opposite of Denver and Utah. I expect them to have more success in the playoffs than regular season. I also think it’s a good possibility they end up with CP3 in a three team trade.
* I struggle with Houston. I don’t like russ and Harden together and I think russ is on the declining. However Harden could lead the rest of the roster to the fifth seed by himself.
* I don’t think the warriors dynasty is over but I don’t think it’s back next year. Klay will likely make a full recovery but I don’t think he comes back and fits seamlessly with the new roster. He’ll be rusty I also don’t think DLO is there long term.
* I think the spurs will be better than last season. They get Murray back. I think Derozan will be moved. I am high on walker.
* I don’t like what Portland did this offseason. Nurkic’s injury is one that could take him an additional year to recover from. If they trade for Gallinari, I’ll like them a lot more.
* If they stay healthy, I think the kings make the playoffs depending on which teams above them have injuries.
* KP and Luka have a lot of potential however it doesn’t seem like the roster around them is great. Also, too many questions about KP’s recovery.
* I like the Pelicans roster but I think Zion will struggle this year. They are a couple years away. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jrue is moved at some point this year.
* Replacing russ with CP3 and PG with George might not seem like a big loss but we also loss grant. Who is his replacement? Bazley? I don’t see this team really trying to compete. Depending on how long CP3 and Gallinari are here, we could be the second worst team in the league.
* Besides Towns, who else does minny have to help them win games this year? Covington is about it. Culver and Okogie have potential but they aren’t ready yet.
* Phoenix tanked all last year for Cameron Johnson. Besides Bridges, I don’t love anyone on their roster.
* I love JJJ. If Morant is the real deal then Memphis has a nice future ahead of them despite some really dumb front office moves. That being said, they are years away.