Game 68: OKC Thunder @ Memphis Grizzlies Aug 7, 3pm CST

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Re: Game 68: OKC Thunder @ Memphis Grizzlies Aug 7, 3pm CST 

Post#21 » by Galloisdaman » Sat Aug 8, 2020 12:45 pm

thor19 wrote:
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Galloisdaman wrote:
I want OKC to have that pick if possible. Considering there is no home court advantage the downside is limited as long as they do make the playoffs.

Yeah that was a killer move for Utah. They really nailed that one and I forgot about Rudy when I mentioned the all stars that came from picks in the 20's. Gallo was on Denver at that point but I think that was not only a cash sale but a player trade if I remember correctly. Think Denver got Green or somebody from Utah in a preplanned deal.

Speaking of Gallo another 19 minute game. Not a big deal but I wish I knew why his minutes are so low each game. Gallo was the only plus OKC player in the game.

The Gallo minute situation has been odd.i had the game on my computer at work but didn’t get to watch as closely as I would have liked. Not sure if today was a result of just throwing in the towel early but bazley’s play wasn’t deserving of 27 minutes in a competitive game.

Maybe they are giving him rest for playoff, I want Gallo healty when playoff start, if we can give more minutes to Bazley for develop purpose im fine with that

That is possible but I would like to see at least 25 minutes a game to get him in good game shape.
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Re: Game 68: OKC Thunder @ Memphis Grizzlies Aug 7, 3pm CST 

Post#22 » by Old Man Game » Sat Aug 8, 2020 3:46 pm

Hervey is really something. Doesn't appear to do a single thing at an NBA level.

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