Ja Morant wins ROY!!! (Clarke 4th)

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Ja Morant wins ROY!!! (Clarke 4th) 

Post#1 » by VCfor3 » Thu Sep 3, 2020 11:27 pm

As expected but still impressive! Also I'd love to know the one person who voted Zion...

Read on Twitter

Congrats to Clarke on being 4th in voting as well!
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Re: Ja Morant wins ROY!!! (Clarke 4th) 

Post#2 » by SD2042 » Tue Sep 8, 2020 2:39 am

I remember the other day I saw Ja's interview, he kept it humble. He deserve the ROY for his continuous work throughout the season. He will only get better. For Brandon Clarke to receive 4th place in the ROY rankings shows how great of an asset he's become with the Grizzlies.

Due respect to Zion, I'm glad that Ja won the ROY so the Sports Media propaganda can shut their holes about Zion and the ridiculous notion of him winning ROY when he stayed injured and out of NBA shape. I hope that Zion does make a career for himself. He first needs to get in shape and find better ways of keeping himself in better health when possible.

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