Game 37 : MEM vs MIA

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Re: Game 37 : MEM vs MIA 

Post#21 » by Whole Truth » Sat Mar 20, 2021 12:13 am

E S V L wrote:
We can do better than this.

1. Winslow should stay - this high demand type of players cannot be found on the market.
2. JV, Kyle, Tyus, Brooks and Bane are good rotation players. Mix them with Clarke and you can easily compete for a star once he/she becomes available. We need to wait for this opportunity, staying focused and patient.
3. Dieng should be traded for 2nds.
4. At the draft night, we need to trade up and pick BPA.
5. Develop-develop-develop.
6. I don`t believe Ja needs a mentor, nor I think he would accept one. That`s an alpha thing.

PS. Melton will be remarkably better than both Brooks and Powell next season if he keeps his current pace of development.

Think is the operative word.

1. I like Winslow for all the reasons you do but at the same time I have reservations relying on a player that has been injury prone in his younger years, when he should be healthy. What happens next year when he's expiring, possibly suffers a set back, do you throw more money years behind him always hoping he'll remain healthy ?. Maybe you're privy to medical records I'm not about his health status to give you that confidence.

2, Agree those are solid players/assets. However any asset could be turned, even a recently acquired one. I rather sign Norm than trade a combination of those players & picks for Beal. What happens if Memphis sign Norm & he continues on his current trajectory ? he becomes very valuable. An asset that only required money to acquire, not an exchange of assets.. risk being he regresses once signed.. but no move is without it's risks.

3, Dieng should be traded for the best possible deal.

4, Agree in wanting to trade up but that's not a given, which is why I stated my suggestion was a plan B, to this plan A.

5, Agree on development. Once Memphis land their scoring wing they will need consistency & chemistry to hit that next level so the GM can't let set backs/losing force him into trades. Raptors were swept in their 2nd playoff appearance where Masai could have said this team is just not good enough & blown it up.. With no changes to players or coach off of being swept, Raptors reached the semi finals the following year.. Patience is required.

6, Human nature, peoples habits & behavior rubs off on the people around them without even knowing. Jave friends long enough you'll act & sound just like them. Children originally learn from what? sight & mimicry.. Is SGA not an alpha?, do you think the one season he played with Paul added no benefit to his game or was he like, I'm too good all on my own to learn anything from you.

Being arrogant is a sign of having confidence but it's not an alpha trait, confidence is. You learn best from mistakes & humility.. Arrogance comes from being conceited. Confidence, not conceit allows a man to humble himself without shame, true self growth. Conceit leads only to arrogance & limitation. You can't be a true alpha tripping over your own self. The body only goes as far as the mind allows it, so limitation/arrogance has to be removed for endless possibility.

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