Free-throws per game in different eras

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Free-throws per game in different eras 

Post#1 » by z_from_kc » Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:04 am

Sorry to take up space with this guys, but its bugging me and this is where I figure I would get the best info. I'm having a lot of arguments with casuals at work lately ( I know, mistake#1), but there's a couple guys who constantly grip about how you can't play defense now, there's too many fouls and flopping and the NBA is just a free-throw shooting contest. On the matter of free-throws, I always come back with a "your being too dramatic, sure there are more ways to foul a guy now, but there's no significant spike in free-throw attempts going on overall." type of line. But my question is, are there more free-throws being taken on a per game basis overall? I can't find specific stats on this, but my gut tells me I'm right. Guys like Harden and Westbrook are giving hopeless casuals a skewed view on the NBA in this regard.

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