It’s time to start holding Kemba walker more accountable

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It’s time to start holding Kemba walker more accountable 

Post#1 » by Zwilliams » Sat Nov 2, 2019 5:33 pm

Kemba Walker escaped criticism for years and got a pass because the media and players felt sorry for him due to him playing for Charlotte. Their were nights in Charlotte were walker was absolutely putrid shooting.

The Celtics are off to a pretty good start this year. But what’s been swept under the rug is the fact that
Kemba Walker. has been shooting the ball like ****.

Against the 76ers. Shot 4-18 on field goals. 1-6 on 3 pointers.,

Against Toronto. 8-22 on field goals, 2-8 on 3 pointers.

Against New York. 11-17 on field goals not bad. 7-12 on 3 pointers. Decent game.

Against the bucks. 7/19 on field goals. 4-11 from 3 point. Back to the same old Kemba.

Against the Knicks. 8/19 on field goals. 3-9 on 3 pointers.

It’s time to start holding Walker more accountable I don’t care if he’s a nice guy or not, the guy has been mostly a brick machine this year. He’s shooting 39%

The media is quick to say that curry always gets a pass yet they’ve been quiet about Kemba Walker his entire career.
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Re: It’s time to start holding Kemba walker more accountable 

Post#2 » by Dr Positivity » Sun Nov 3, 2019 7:03 am

When you consider FTAs and 3s his efficiency in his three games has been excellent

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Re: It’s time to start holding Kemba walker more accountable 

Post#3 » by Lockdown504090 » Mon Nov 4, 2019 2:50 pm

he has a career high true shooting. It wont matter in the playoffs when teams just dont foul him and hes too little to score, but for now hes playing pretty well.

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