The Mother of all Stats...

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Re: The Mother of all Stats... 

Post#21 » by King Ken » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:53 pm

ILOVEIT wrote:Eye test > stats :nod:

Depends on the viewer. A lot of realgm posters have terrible eyes
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Re: The Mother of all Stats... 

Post#22 » by lolathon234 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:39 pm

mrsocko wrote:Could somebody not make a stat like “points created” like Bill James did for Baseball? Linear weighting rebounds, steals, points free throws ...etc to a given point allowance and adding it up to get a total points created. Then do the same for the players on the other team at the same position. Then take the points a player created and the points the player he was guarding created and use the Pythagorean theorem on these numbers would give you a winning percentage.

So let’s say an average shooting guard created 15 points a game. Steph Curry created 35 points a game and shooter guards he played against created 12.

.895 winning % for Curry.

It would show a defensive impact as well as offensive.

Yes, it can easily be done. Basketball is pretty much solvable from a mathematical standpoint and I’m sure teams/the league have a model that has done so. But the reality is that the results of said model might not fit the league/corporate sponsors agenda as it would likely impair many players marketability, both historically and moving forward. So instead we end up with obscure stats with ambiguous coefficients I.e. RPM so that the narrative can be manipulated and naive fans will buy in regardless

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