Top 10 most overrated players of all time most legit list ever,

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Top 10 most overrated players of all time most legit list ever, 

Post#1 » by Zwilliams » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:13 pm

overrated doesn’t mean they sucked or they were even bad players but still people seem to ignore these players flaws. I’m warning you right now this is the most controversial list ever.

#10. Yao Ming. I don’t understand for the life of me how this guy is in the hall of fame. Yes he was a great player but what did he do that made him a hall of famer? The guy was an 8 time all star yeah okay but that’s about where it ends, he only got in the hall of fame because of his height and the fact that they wanted a guy from China to be in the hall of fame. 19 ppg for his career I mean come on? Not to mention the guy was like a Chinese version of Blake griffin constantly injured.

#9. Vince carter. Vince carter had some amazing dunks and that’s why people talk about him. But to be real here the guy never truly reached his potential, he was lazy, had an additude problem, played no defense, People love Vince carter for his flashy dunks but that’s it. The guy just never did much of Anything else. His career averages are only 17.2 ppg.

#8. Steve Nash. Nash was a great offensive player but on defense he was one of the worst players in league history. Also part of Nash’s success has to be attributed to that fast paced system in Phoenix. And let’s not even get into the mvp talk because I can go really deep as to why the league truly gave him those mvps and no it’s not because of Kobe either. Nash only averaged 14.3 ppg for his career, he was a great passer but come on when you have stoudamire on your team it’s not hard to rack up 14 or 15 assists a night.

#7. Derrick rose. What’s this infatuation with rose? Yes rose was great when he was healthy but that was one season. People always say well if rose never got hurt he would have won multiple titles come on now, this is the same guy that got locked down by lebron James in the 2011 eastern conference finals. People were aww at rose because of his athleticism, look at his mvp season he only shot 45% fg, averaged 25 ppg ehh? That’s okay but compared to other mvp seasons? Come on.

#6. Tracy mccgrady. Can we stop praising mccgrady? Again how is he in the hall of fame? Same as Yao, his best seasons were his seasons with Orlando when he was putting up video game numbers and empty stats Because no one else on his team had the ability to score. Mccgrady always choked and never got out of the first round, was always injury prone. The guy just doesn’t deserve to be a hall of famer.

#5. Paul pierce. Paul pierce is a guy who was a good player but never anything special. Pierce even choked in big moments with Boston when they had kg and ray Allen, but luckily his teammates were there to carry the slack. Pierce couldn’t carry a team by himself that’s why he had to merge with 2 other hall of famers. Pierce only averaged 26 ppg twice in his career, he was never even close or even in consideration for being an mvp candidate.

#4. Tim Duncan. Oh man this is gonna fire some people up. Look Duncan was a great player don’t get me wrong but how much great would he have been without those 5 rings? He only averaged 19 ppg for his career, And people always say well Duncan would have averaged more but the spurs system yeah yeah yeah whatever, You look at his finals competition,

1999. 8th seeded Knicks.

2003. Nets that came out of the east by default due to how bad the east was. The nets were no threat what so ever.

2005. Pistons. Gave them a fight okay I’ll give them that.

2007. A horrible cavs team.

2014. A heat team with a washed up Dwayne Wade and lebron had to try to carry them.

Bottom line is without those 5 rings Duncan’s legacy would be different.

#4. Wes Unseld. 10.8 ppg yet he’s a hall of famer? Come on man. And don’t even give me the rebound argument I mean yeah it was easy to get rebounds back then jumping over short white factory workers.

#3. Karl Malone. Malone had no moves what so ever except for a couple. He was a one trick Pony and his success benefited from playing in the Utah system.

#2. Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant without his 5 rings would not even be a top 50 player. Kobe Bryant rode Shaquille o Neal’s coattails to 3 championships, then he whined and complained years later due to not having anymore big men to carry him. He got another big man in Gasol and rode him to 2 more titles. Bryant fans love to bring up his scoring in the mid 2000s and his scoring streaks, yeah it’s easy to put up those types of numbers when your the only legit scorer on a terrible team with kwame brown and Smush Parker, also how can you be a top 10 player when your the all time leader in missed shots? Unbelievable... Bryant is just a Fraud.

#1. Michael Jordan. Of course... Michael jordan Michael Jordan was a guy who feasted on weak competition the nba in the 90s it was very bad very very very bad. The defenses weren’t good at all, most of the teams were expansion teams or teams that weren’t that impressive. Michael Jordan feasted on weak competition he never had to face teams like my 73-9 warriors, or the Mavericks of 2011. Or the spurs in the 2000s. Michael Jordan is the apitimy of overrated. I can say more about Jordan but I won’t go on.

Honorable mentions, Hakeem Olajuwon, lebron James, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, dirk nowitzki,
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Re: Top 10 most overrated players of all time most legit list ever, 

Post#2 » by ThunderBolt » Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:21 am

In a statistical analysis forum, the opinion should probably be back up with more than an quick glance at ESPN player averages. Ending the the thread title with a comma should have been my first clue.
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Re: Top 10 most overrated players of all time most legit list ever, 

Post#3 » by yellowknifer » Wed Nov 27, 2019 9:18 am

Bottom line is without those 5 rings Duncan’s legacy would be different. 


yeah. If only.
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Re: Top 10 most overrated players of all time most legit list ever, 

Post#4 » by yellowknifer » Wed Nov 27, 2019 9:18 am

This has gotta be a troll post. I laughed at least.
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Re: Top 10 most overrated players of all time most legit list ever, 

Post#5 » by RalphSampsonJr » Sat Mar 21, 2020 9:46 am

How was it poor competition when a 6'6 SG scored 30+ PPG against the best center era in NBA history. All while taking f*ck all 3pters?

This 90s had poor competition is crazy to me.

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