on/off splits for available rebounds (off/def)

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on/off splits for available rebounds (off/def) 

Post#1 » by floppymoose » Mon Oct 1, 2012 10:40 pm

My thread title is likely obtuse. Here is what I'm thinking about...

If a player alters a lot of shots, he might create more defensive rebounding opportunities for his team. Or if he steals a lot, he might reduce defensive rebounding opportunities for his team. I'm trying to get on/off splits for players on how they affect the rebounding opportunities. per possession would be best but I'll settle for per48.

Apologies if this is a faq. I looked around on some of the advanced stat sites but didn't see anything.

This all started when I wondered about why Udoh helped team rebounding % for the Warriors last season despite never grabbing any rebounds himself. It could be just from his excellent box outs, but I also wondered if he altered enough shots to tilt the rebounding totals into a more defensive rebounding rich mixture. Since defensive rebounds are easier to get, if you affect the mix you could help your team's overall rebounding %, as a corollary.

He had a HUGE effect on effective FG% allowed: -5.3%, so on the surface it seems that expanding the ratio of defensive/offensive boards could be a big part of how he helped the overall rebound rate.
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Re: on/off splits for available rebounds (off/def) 

Post#2 » by blabla » Tue Oct 2, 2012 8:44 am

This is somewhat similar to FG% allowed. Since what you want probably doesn't exists I'd just look for FG% allowed or impact on opponent FG% via adjusted 4 factors http://www.d3coder.com/thecity/a4pm/

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