Statistics on player contribution to number of wins

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Statistics on player contribution to number of wins 

Post#1 » by Scorpion King » Mon Nov 2, 2009 9:16 pm

Can someone explain ? How this statistics work ? What statistics do they take i.e. ppg, apg +/- in order to determine how much win that one player is responsible for.

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Re: Statistics on player contribution to number of wins 

Post#2 » by LUKE23 » Mon Nov 2, 2009 9:36 pm

This is a great site for what you're looking for. It dives pretty deep into "Wins Produced", a stat devised by Berri and one of my favorites. As with any statistic, it has its flaws, and the essence of Wins Produced is to put a high value on efficiency and possessions. The flaws include how a player gets their production (for example, a player like Joel Pryzbilla will have an extremely high Wins Produced stat, because he rebounds at a high rate, shoots a high %, and doesn't turn the ball over), but it doesn't look at the fact that he doesn't create any offense, it's just garbage type baskets. So keep it in context.

I highly recommend the book "Wages of Wins" by Berri. It goes deep into some NBA stuff and attendance/revenue vs. wins, etc. Very good read.

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