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Opposition Shot Locations

Posted: Sun Nov 8, 2009 8:50 pm
by hoopdata
We added a new team stats page at Hoopdata, and I figured you guys might be interested considering your response to our other features. The page tracks shot locations for team defense.

Link is here:

It's set up just like our offensive shot locations page, split between At Basket, Under 10 Feet, 10-15 Feet, 16-23 Feet, and Threes. Has Makes, Attempts, eFG%, and %Ast for each area, with league averages for everything. This stuff is pretty useful for evaluating team defense, both in terms of effectiveness and philosophy.

The numbers for this year are still a little wacky due to small sample size, but if you check the 2009 numbers it'll pretty much align with what you'd expect (Orlando held opponents to the lowest FG% at the basket, by a pretty solid margin, thanks to a certain center, for example).

Hope you guys find this useful, and as always, always open to feedback/suggestions. That or we can just talk about the numbers and if anything is surprising you so far this season. :D