Lebron crossed to the ground in highschool

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Re: Lebron crossed to the ground in highschool 

Post#21 » by Knighthonor » Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:04 am

DanTown8587 wrote:You can see in that video why LBJ is so tired of a lot of fans. the guy has been hated everyone he goes and people cheering like that because he got cross, albeit in a game his team was up by nearly 40 (why he's in there was beyond me).

lets be real here. most of the cheer came from the cross up. not LB hate. That was a sick cross, even though I blame most of that on his shoes rather than the juke.
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Re: Lebron crossed to the ground in highschool 

Post#22 » by old rem » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:34 am

shadester76 wrote:What parent spells the name Maureece?
One that can't read?

The year St Vincent St Mary with Lebron was Div II state champs...my old school (Moeller) was Div I champs.
this yeer...MAYBE Moeller can D their way to another title. They don' get big numbers..but if you hold good teams to 30-40 pt...that works. They won the last State titles in Football, Baseball, Boys Volleyball...so a Basketball title would be damn special.
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