State Champs (Div 1 -big school) in all 3 major sports?

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State Champs (Div 1 -big school) in all 3 major sports? 

Post#1 » by old rem » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:06 pm

CinCinnati Moeller, currently...has womn the State Of Ohio in both Football,And Baseball 2 yr in a row. That's in itself rather impressive, but the basketball team now ranks #4 in the state ,#1 in the Cincinnati/SW Ohio area. They jiust played LaSalle, Away...and LaSalle ranked #2 in the area, just one lost. LaSalle ended up with 29 pt on 29% FG. Moeller shot 59%, won 50-29.

Moller has a Jr C who is 6-9, maybe 6-10 by now, Fowler is a double double guy who can block shots, can hit a 3. ^-8 PF Anton, adds siz. Top scorer Benziger is the son of a former MLB player...can nail 3's at a high can the team as a whole. A very interesting player is Gus Ragland, thogh a backup G. Ragland was a good P on tose baseball champs, he played WR a couple seasons ago as Moeller won State..then this year, in the State title game... he passed for 3 TD's...rand for 5 more. He was named State MVP. If Moeller does win the State in Basketball... Ragland becomes a HS Athlete who was on 5 State champs...and Moeller probably is a favorite to win again in baseball. How often is ONE guy even on state champs TWICE?

In Ohio...Moeller ranks #1 in Wrestling. Freuhauf and Sizemore each won their weight class lass year in the State tourney and both were on those 2 State Football winners. Freauhauf was a 1st team All State DT. In Ohio, Moeller, and Hilliard Darby have ruled,mostly.....met in the last few finals. Moeller CAN...realistically... be at some point current champs in EACH of Football, Baseball, Basketball, wrestling and Volleyball.

Now...THAT is pretty damn unique.

Moeller is in a 4 team league and since 2000...each team in the league has been State champs in some major sport (not to mention the minor sports) In a typical football season, aside from league games...Moeller tends to play teams that are the tops in State..are defending Champs in other states.

Moeller is a Catholic HS that has a "territory" that's the NE suburbs of Cincinnati. They don't get to import prodigies from out of town or even the other side of town. They are fussy about academics...some guy who has sports skills but is damn near illiterate...can't get in--and won't be eligible. The most notable alumni were baseball players, Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey Jr,Buddy Bell. While Moeller has sent a LOT of top notch football players to major colleges, and 3 were rd 1 NFL pick... the outcome was the BEST guys had injuries...and so, second tier guys like Tom Waddle and Steve Sylvester ended up lasting longer in the NFL.
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