Ohio H.S State Tournament

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Ohio H.S State Tournament 

Post#1 » by countryboy667 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:19 pm

It just concluded yesterday, and I saw several games. I was bored to tears. So many supposedly great teams in all the divisions--including Lebron's alma mater--and yet most of them struggled to top 50 points.
Yes, some of this was defense--but mostly it was poor shot selection/poor shooting. The only bright spot was a couple of teams had really superior foul shooters--an oddity at almost all levels from HS to college to the NBA today, a travesty being hitting them should almost be a given for anyone with the ability to concentrate and decent skills--and there were some mildly interesting shot blockers. But the problem was the guards and wings all thinking they were Reggie Miller/Ray Allen/Stephen Curry and jacking up way too many threes. Yeah, that's a way to get points in a hurry, but over the course of a game I think that mindset really hurts a team's offensive output.
I haven't given up on the game yet, but what I saw at the state tournament was in my opinion symptomatic of what's wrong with basketball at all levels these days--it's not too good fundamentally in terms of offense (defense has improved marginally, perhaps) and quite frankly, it's just not much fun to watch.

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