Ohio H.S State Tournament

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Ohio H.S State Tournament 

Post#1 » by countryboy667 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:19 pm

It just concluded yesterday, and I saw several games. I was bored to tears. So many supposedly great teams in all the divisions--including Lebron's alma mater--and yet most of them struggled to top 50 points.
Yes, some of this was defense--but mostly it was poor shot selection/poor shooting. The only bright spot was a couple of teams had really superior foul shooters--an oddity at almost all levels from HS to college to the NBA today, a travesty being hitting them should almost be a given for anyone with the ability to concentrate and decent skills--and there were some mildly interesting shot blockers. But the problem was the guards and wings all thinking they were Reggie Miller/Ray Allen/Stephen Curry and jacking up way too many threes. Yeah, that's a way to get points in a hurry, but over the course of a game I think that mindset really hurts a team's offensive output.
I haven't given up on the game yet, but what I saw at the state tournament was in my opinion symptomatic of what's wrong with basketball at all levels these days--it's not too good fundamentally in terms of offense (defense has improved marginally, perhaps) and quite frankly, it's just not much fun to watch.
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Re: Ohio H.S State Tournament 

Post#2 » by old rem » Fri Mar 9, 2018 3:16 am

Well.. it is 2018 now. I think Best in the State is always of interest. Ohio.. is not a tiny state either.
Last week, Moeller played Talawanda, rd 2 of the playoffs. Moeller was up 24-0 by the time Talawanda scored ( good D?) Talawanda did not have 10 by halftime though moeller sat the starters. With a team winning by 30+, it's 'running clock", so...it ends up 71-20.
Moeller TENDS to be real good on D.. and in 3 rounds nobody got 40 pt. the first couple games the other side never got 30.
Once it's nearing the finals, it gets harder. That said.. it's always good to be one of the best in the State. Moeller has a 6-11 C who is LONG, Blocks shots. J Davenport is a very talented 6-5 F. A guy who SHOULD have also been great was their starting QB and got injured early in the football season. Nevertheless w Virginia gave him a Basketball Scholarship.

WHATEVER Team is Ohio Champ in ANY sport.. has to be REAL good.
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Re: Ohio H.S State Tournament 

Post#3 » by DrPsyche2 » Wed Jul 8, 2020 6:47 am

countryboy667 wrote:
Not many bright spots, only a couple of college teams, at practically all levels from high school to college...

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Unfortunately, they suspended (indefinitely) all of the postseason tournaments due to the concerns with the pandemic situation.
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