GT #65: Pacers @ Bullets 7 PM EST

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Re: GT #65: Pacers @ Bullets 7 PM EST 

Post#161 » by long suffrin' boulez fan » Wed May 5, 2021 12:12 am

NatP4 wrote:I’ll die on this hill, but the missing piece for this group is an Otto Porter-like wing that can play really good defense and score efficiently off the ball and provide spacing. Franz Wagner is that guy in the 2021 draft. Avdija and Hachimura will be good players, but they don’t really have that kind of skillset. It’s pretty clear they are set at C&PF next year. One of Ish/Neto will return as the backup PG, Mathews/Hutchison will back up Beal at SG. The wiz are going to draft a wing, I’m almost sure of it.

Westbrook Neto
Beal Mathews
Avdija Wagner
Hachimura Bertans
Gafford Bryant

A number of things have happened to turn around the season, but of all of them I rate Brooks stumbling into the three headed center monster at the top.

18 fouls, can each play all out, each brings some unique skills. We are simply wearing out opponents. Look at how much less effective Sabonis was after the first quarter.

Replace Lopez with Bryant (even if we keep Len) and we’re not as good. Lopez does two things well - but he’s really good at them (caveman hook and boxing out).
In Rizzo we trust

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