Official Trade Thread -- Part XXXVIII

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Re: Official Trade Thread -- Part XXXVIII 

Post#201 » by payitforward » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:59 pm

nate33 wrote:
DCZards wrote:Question is what are you going to get with the money that’s freed up if you unload JW’s contract. If the Zards have a realistic shot at signing a top player like a Giannis or a Kawhi then I’m with you. But if that money ends up simply being used to sign 2-3 good or decent players then I’m not on board.

Even an overrated, overpaid Wall has the capability of being a legit difference maker on both ends of the court when healthy. I'm guessing Pat Riley knows that and that's why Wall is reportedly on his radar screen.

See, that's where I disagree. For the price of Wall, you could get 2 or 3 pretty darn good players who are likely to be younger and more durable.

For the price of Wall, you could have had D'Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lamb.
For the price of Wall, you could have had Malcolm Brogdon and Bojan Bogdanovic
For the price of Wall, you could have had Tomas Satoransky, Thad Young, Kevon Looney, Maurice Harkless and the Miami 2023 lotto protected 1st.

What might be at stake here is this concept of "legit difference maker."

In basketball, with very very rare exceptions wins come from what all the players do in their minutes on the court. Thus, for example, you might not think that e.g. Russell/Lamb are as good as Wall. But, assume that, combined, they play lots more minutes than John. They don't have to be better than Wall. They have to be better than the combination of Wall plus the guy who would play the rest of those lots more minutes!

Even when John was at his very very best -- & in a year where Beal had a breakout season & Porter was absolutely tremendous & Gortat was very good as well -- the Wizards had 49 wins in the weaker conference. Why? Because, that year, we had a whole bunch of guys who played @45% of our minutes & combined to be way way below average in productivity.

I don't care how good your captain is, or how skilled your sailors are. A drag sail slows down your boat!
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