Official Trade Thread -- Part XXXVIII

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Re: Official Trade Thread -- Part XXXVIII 

Post#221 » by payitforward » Sat Sep 7, 2019 3:34 pm

It's a fun idea -- but I can't see a reason for us to do it. Except that it shortens the salary load going forward.

In effect, this is just Paul for Wall -- everybody else is expiring.

I imagine we'd win something like 45 games, but we wouldn't threaten in the East.

One benefit would be to take some pressure off of Rui, who wouldn't play nearly as much w/ Gallo around.

Plus... who is backing up Thomas Bryant after we do this deal?
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Re: Official Trade Thread -- Part XXXVIII 

Post#222 » by nate33 » Sat Sep 7, 2019 7:34 pm

penbeast0 wrote:Conjuring the ghost of George Allen, the Wiz decide to try to be relevant THIS year.

We send John Wall, Ian Mahinmi, and Davis Bertrans to OKC for Chris Paul and Daniel Gallinari.
We do it to try to be relevant in the East now.

OKC decides by the time they start to turn it around Wall will be worth more than Paul (probably then they make the rumored Adams for Hayward deal to double down on rehab) with Bertrans being a younger and similar player to Gallinari.

If (a BIG IF) we then stay healthy, how far do you think we are likely to go in the East?

I don't think I'd even do this but just for thought . . .

I don't think OKC does it.

At the moment Paul is more valuable than Wall. He is currently healthy and his contract is a year shorter. (Also, I don't think insurance would cover Wall's contract if he is traded, but I may be wrong about that.) And Bertans and Gallinari are both UFA's next summer. Their age is irrelevant. Both guys only have value for this year and Gallinari is clearly the better player.

I'd certainly do the trade. And then I'd look to move Paul to Miami and flip Gallinari for a pick and an expiring.
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Re: Official Trade Thread -- Part XXXVIII 

Post#223 » by penbeast0 » Sat Sep 7, 2019 8:35 pm

IF Paul could be moved to Miami reasonably, OKC would do it themselves. This is just a fun idea based on Paul's contract (like Wall's) being immobile with Paul having more short term value and Wall more long term. So, try to concentrate the short term value on Paul's team and the bad contracts and draft choices on Wall's. On the trade board, I wrote an OKC version of this which to me makes more sense than this one but, as PIF said, it's just for fun. I wouldn't do it because I don't see how you get that one more good vet to make us a legit contender salarywise.
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