GT #63: Bullets @ Cavs 7:30 PM (NBCSW/1500 AM) [4/30/21]

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Re: GT #63: Bullets @ Cavs 7:30 PM (NBCSW/1500 AM) [4/30/21] 

Post#61 » by payitforward » Sat May 1, 2021 5:48 pm

Isaac Bonga has been quite bad this season. No question about it. It's right there in this season's numbers -- the simple ones, nothing "advanced" required.

Last season, Isaac Bonga was quite good. No question about it. It's right there in last season's numbers -- the simple ones, nothing "advanced" required.

Both those statements are factual. & not only that, but believe it or not you can actually see the difference between the two seasons -- between quite good & quite bad -- by looking at those numbers.

Of course, we don't have to look at the numbers, do we? We can just enjoy likwitdesi calling other people "whiners." After all, dikwitlizi is well known for his NBA acumen.

&, we can appreciate badinage mocking Nate Silver who obviously can't bring to bear the methodologies & level of insight available to badinage.

For that matter, we can rely on CntOutSmrtCrazy & CobraCommander to whose keen eyes it is obvious that Isaac Bonga -- who has played basketball for a big part of his life, is on the German national team, etc. -- "has no idea of what is going on on the offense end of the game" & "shows no instincts of feel for the game."

Let me put that slightly differently: I don't know whether Isaac Bonga can make it in this league, & neither do you. For that matter, I don't know whether Deni Avdija will turn into an NBA success, & neither do you. Not to mention that I don't know whether Rui Hachimura will be establish himself at some high level, & neither do you.

Let's hope they all succeed. Let's stop piling on Isaac Bonga. Instead, let's just enjoy the fact that we are playing our asses off right now.
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