Who should Bradley and Russ woo?

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Re: Who should Bradley and Russ woo? 

Post#101 » by NatP4 » Thu Jun 3, 2021 9:08 pm

Ruzious wrote:
NatP4 wrote:
dobrojim wrote:As long as we are talking about pipe dreams, John Collins.
Or DeAndre Hunter.

Deandre Hunter would be a perfect fit.

I was just going to say - I wish there was a Deandre Hunter in this draft. I think he's pretty much untouchable at this point. And with Collins being a free agent, we can't afford him unless we do a sign and trade with Beal - which seems unlikely.

Maybe the best thing to do is sign Otto Porter to the MLE and hope he stays healthy. Maybe he and Brad are friends - I don't know. Can we set up a Zoom with Otto, Brad, and Russ? Btw, today's a good day for it - it's Otto's 28th birthday.

Let's not go through another year where we're intentionally defending forwards with 6 foot nothing guards, please.

I will convert you eventually, Ruz.

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