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Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:43 am
by doclinkin
montestewart wrote:Last Sunday, I took a young friend (I call him my foster nephew, he's my foster son's younger brother) out to get his Christmas/birthday present. He bought a pair of Lebrons. I didn't even flinch. He knows what he wants, and they looked pretty sharp. Wednesday, another friend took him to the Wizards Heat game.

That game was the most exciting this year to me, and my father-in-law (who's REALLY OLD) was much more engaged and excited than usual, as I'd call out the leads to him: 24-12, 36-12, 43-18. But he's been watching the Wizards too long. "It's too early to get excited." He was concerned that they didn't widen the lead before the half, calmed down when they came out fighting in the 3rd quarter, then started to announce the Wizards collapse (that's usually when he starts calling for Vesely).

But Wall, Nene, Booker and friends put on a show for us in the 4th. How can I complain about any aspect of that game? I even liked Maynor. No matter how much I question this team's direction, I'm a fan, and I'm going to enjoy a win like this just as I enjoyed (and completely lost my voice over) the Wizards beating the Celtics the year they won the championship (without Arenas), and beating the Cavs 108-72 in the playoffs (without Arenas), and beating the Thunder and the Lakers in the strike season. I like me some wins, especially the unexpected ones.

I texted my foster nephew's foster mom about what a great game he saw. She said he came home all smiles, sporting his Lebrons, bragging about how the Wizards had held Lebron under 30 points and shut down Wade.

A great game. Very satisfying.

Wiz kicked LeBron's butt-- thread,

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Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:50 pm
by miller31time
In response to the Ruff-and-Tuff new posters determining who, of this board, is a true Wizards fan and who isn't based on how positive or negative they are, The Consiglieri's HOF response....

The Consiglieri wrote:How about the fact that we're fans of a team that's <word I cant say> since the freaking Carter Administration? How about that. There's not a fan on this board that isn't die hard. If any fan in here was suspect in terms of loyalty, they wouldn't be a fan of the team in the first place. In what way exactly has this pile of manure with a wand of a franchise ever rewarded the loyalty of its long suffering fan base?

Incompetent management across multiple owners, multiple GM's, multiple coaches: Check

Innumerable moronic trades in which we've consistently gotten owned: Check

Horrendous draft day decisions year after year, decade after decade: Check

Hideous use of cap resources, amnesty provisions, and 2nd round picks: Check

Incompetent use of D League and refusal to own your own team: Check

Total failure season in and season out w/fewer playoff appearances than the Clippers/Warriors/Cavs in the last 25 years: Check

Total Seasons with more than 42 wins in the past 30 years 3< : Check (1996-1997 and 2004-2005)

Owner and Management not committed to the draft, or rebuilding the proper way: Check

Owner and Management unaccountable regardless of track record, and job safe: Check

Owner and F.O. built around friendship/loyalty rather than professionalism, and talent: Check

Total Failure to build a competitive team in any season at any point that could challenge for a title since the Shah ran Iran: Check

Is there anything anyone on the planet could say that's more absurd than challenging the fandom of individuals that not only support a team with this miserable of a track record, but also, post daily/weekly/monthly/yearly about all things related to said team, knowing full well its run by incompetents with no interest save, preserving their job and paycheck (EG), and receipts (Leonsis), and housing players that know full well the team is a trash compactor designed to grind up NBA title dreams, and replace them with salary chasing, grab the next buck cynicism?

There are no fans on the planet more loyal than fans of this team, of the Cavs, hell of the Clippers pre-Paul/Blake.

If you're a fan of this team for more than 10 minutes you deserve a gold star, fan for years, for life? Nobody can impugn your devotion or loyalty, 10 posts, or 10,000,000.

Just Absurd.

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Posted: Sun Mar 2, 2014 6:19 pm
by montestewart
All time hilarious are the wizards better without Eric Maynor? title, but couldn't figure out how to capture it in a topic directory or 1st page screen shot. OP is hilarious too.
BruceO wrote:Five in a row..
If he were on this squad we'd have easily won six of the last five games

are the wizards better without Eric Maynor?

This = funny.

:lol: = not funny = Wizardry = obsession with fetid fowl consumption.

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Mon Mar 3, 2014 6:46 pm
by doclinkin
Postby pineappleheadindc on Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:01 am

I was out of the house all day, so I recorded the Knicks vs Bulls game. Just watched it, well just the first half actually. New York sucks. Nobody's even trying. And it's not like they have incentive to tank, they will be sending Denver their pick.

There's no defensive effort. No help on D. Nobody makes any effort. Noah took a board for Chicago and he, a center, dribbled to coast-to-coast for an uncontested jam. Nobody made an effort to stop the ball.

Tyson Chandler remains a pouting, lazy female dog whose primary attribute seems to be that he is tall. The Knicks collection of guards couldn't hold their own at Barry Farms. J.R. Smith .... SMH....I'm struggling to find words mean and crappy enough to describe his game. But the English language does not possess a single word that can combine stupid, self-possessed, uncaring, selfish, overrated, and dog poo.

Their coach lacks any self respect. When the Knicks went down like 19-4, he didn't bat an eye. I would lined up 5 completely new guys at the scorer's table. Popovich would done the same thing, but also skinned those dudes alive. Then, they'd be on the first plane out to Charlotte.

The current Knicks are an affront to the noble game of basketball. They are a franchise with a long and storied tradition. Their fan base does not deserve this disaster. I know in this situation, the normal thing is to fire the coach. The thinking is that you can't fire all the players. To which I respond: why not.

The Knicks are not going anywhere. They have one asset, Melo, who is going to jump ship at he end of the season (if he doesn't, he's crazy). Start the rebuild now. Unload everyone if there are any takers. If there's a team who has injured players with a shorter contracts or are hard working character guys, see if you can get them for any able-bodied Knick. Move everyone.

I am a basketball, primarily NBA basketball, fan. I don't have to watch the home town Wizards to enjoy watching a game. But I'm hereby on strike from watching any more Knick games. They're horrible to watch and I refuse to add to the ratings when they're on tv.

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Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:16 pm
by Nivek
montestewart wrote:The Wizards end this season on a 13-game losing streak, miss the playoffs, but silence criticism of losing a 1st rounder in the deepest draft of any sport ever. Theo the Lyin' attributes the team's failure to injuries, not EG, whose contract is renewed for another three years. Wizards luck out and move up in the draft, picking 3rd again, where they choose Marcus Smart, because he can back up either position, he sounds smart, he's the rookie equivalent to a veteran ("a coach on the floor"), they had injury concerns with Embiid and Randle (hangnail), EG had never been to Australia so he couldn't scout Exum, and everyone in the front office was on the same page with the Smart pick (the keep calling it "the Smart pick"), and some other reasons that no one could understand. Gortat signs elsewhere, everyone pretends that was the plan all along. Porter has a season ending injury in the offseason, so Ariza is signed to a 4 year/$40 million deal. Booker and Gooden get 3 year/$12 million deals. Ariza, Booker and Gooden proceed to show that their best years are behind them. Nene has three season ending injuries in one year. Beal has a season ending injury, but to everyone's disappointment, he comes back. Center is largely manned by Charles Jones de jours. The team totally sucks, but Wall has an all-NBA year and leads them to an only slightly worse record, bad enough to miss the playoffs, but good enough to lose the 2015 pick. Wall is angry that the team drafted a point guard, and is tired of losing: "I know we have to earn our wins, and I don't mind sucking it up, but when the front office keeps making questionable moves…maybe I'm in the wrong city." The next year EG makes a blockbuster trade that moves Nene and Ariza for, I don't know, Bogut or somebody, and Terd posts that he enjoys the smell of chastened, know-nothing fans. In 2016, the team finally makes it to the playoffs as an 8th seed, and Leoni proclaims "We have arrived!" and states that this is exactly according to the timetable that he had laid out with full transparency countless times. He raises ticket prices again and resigns EG for another three years. The team is swept in 4 games, all by double digit margins, the last a 124-83 massacre on their home court. At the beginning of 2016-2017, Wall starts agitating for a trade, and EG drags his heels so long that when he finally moves Wall, the Wizards get a nothing prospect, a tired veteran, and a late 1st round pick in return. Did I mention that the team either sells, trades away, or stashes in perpetuity every 2nd round pick? I don't think any of this merits green font at all.

From this thread.

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Tue Apr 8, 2014 11:45 pm
by MarcoPolo
I don't know who exactly said that, but it was one of the best responses since I'm here
(maybe @hands11):

A: Wall has no idea how to use a pick.

B: So he's like EG in a way

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:54 am
by AFM
That was me thanks

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:05 am
by miller31time
Monte getting all handsy in the Countown to Firing EG thread.

montestewart wrote:
miller31time wrote:A capped out Wizards team in a historically weak Eastern Conference is now 7th and falling.

Extensions for everyone!

Look, I've explained this before in another thread a long time ago for a very long time over and over, it's exactly as Ded explained over in Ted Steak numerous times all a long since the beginning. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AT NIGHT! Last year, the team too a big step forward, faghting for 9th seed for the first time in a long. This year, 7th, maybe 8th seed, probably swept in the first round. They will talk their lumbs this year, but then:
2015: maybe 6th or 7th weed, take the series to six or maybe seven gems
2016: 5th or 6th weed, make it tooth second round, maybe take one game before exiting
2017: 4th or 5th weed, advance to second round, take series to sex games before exiting
2018: 3rd or 4th weed, advance to second round, take series to a seven games before exiting
2019: 2nd or 3rd weed, advance to second round, take series to a seven games before exiting
2020: 2nd weed, advice through first to arounds, sweat in ECF
2021: 1st or 2nd weed, advance through first and second round, win one in ECF
2022: 1st weed, advance to ECF, take the series to seven games before existing
2023: 1st weed, win ECF, swept in filials
2024: 1st weed, win ECF, win one in finials
2025: 1st weed, win ECF, take finals to six games
2026: 1st weed, win ECF, take finals to severin games
2027: 2nd weed (starting toofad, but not to late), win NBA championhips. Man, will EG be happy!

You see, it's pretty much just like I explained, by Ted's calculations, according to plan, each year the team will get incremationally better, and learn a little something a long the way. I'd start planning for that big 2027 celebration right now. It's going to be quite a puberty.

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:51 am
by doclinkin
BY request. The Ji saga. Board history:

nate33 wrote:
AFM wrote:Can someone enlighten me on the history of "Ji"?
Referenced a lot on these boards and I ALWAYS feel like its a big inside joke that I'm not in on. And honestly. that hurts a little.

He's the former incarnation of Jay81.

He has an odd fascination with forecasting weather, and he of course gets mercilessly pounded by the board whenever he is wrong. But his biggest claim to fame is in being a world class jinx. He had a stretch back in the Eddie Jordan era that whenever he started a thread, it was a guaranteed loss. It was truly uncanny. And it was made all the more infuriating because he constantly started game threads without giving anyone else a chance.

IIRC correctly, he ultimately redeemed himself by predicting that we would land the #1 overall pick in the John Wall lottery. When he started the lotto prediction thread, the board went apoplectic, but Ji had the last laugh.

pineappleheadindc wrote:.

If I could expand on Nate's comments a bit. Nate's a gentleman, so he'll be kind with his description of the Ji experience.

Ji isn't just a jinx. He's a JINX. Just about every game thread he'd start would guarantee a Wizards loss. As Nate says, it's uncanny.

And he wouldn't just JInx the team in a "normal" fashion (if there is such a thing). I swear, Ji would willfully and purposefully wait until the Wizards got a nice little winning streak going, maybe 3 in a row or so, then he'd swoop in to start a game thread in front of whoever had started game threads for the little winning streak and guarantee a loss. I swear he did it on purpose just for laughs.

I think Ji is actually a meteorologist IRL. It's scary for me to write this -- but I think he makes his living at weather forecasting. And, like his uncanny skill at killing Wizards winning streaks, Ji was (under his original screen name) horribly bad at weather forecasting. Not bad, but BAD.

He'd usually start new threads with titles such as "Historic Snowstorm Headed to DC Area on Tuesday!". And when Tuesday came, what would happen?


Yeah, it would never snow. Not only would it not snow, it would be clear and warm. He did it again and again, to the point where nobody would believe him.

And Ji was a troll in a good way. He knew where the line was. The worst he'd ever do was drop something like "Nice game, way to play guys". On a losing team's game thread. For something equally innocuous, another mod banned (suspended?) Ji. But I swear, his Ji screen name is still active.

Oh, and Ji had this habit of starting random, duplicative threads. Just because.

And that's the essence of Ji, "just because". Yeah, he's a JInx, yeah he screwed up weather forecast after weather forecast, yeah he was a sneaky troll, and yeah -- he'd just jam the front page with needless new threads. Why? Just because.

But through it all, he was and is OUR Ji. He never took umbrage to folks harassing him about his weather forecasting acumen, or his ability to JInx the Wizards or yelling at him for starting yet ANOTHER new thread about Eddie Jordan. No...he was and is a good-hearted poster and was (when he posted more) a really important member of the daily RealGM Wizards board community.

He posts now as Jay-something or another. But I wish he'd go back to his original screen name. And I wish he'd come back more regularly to post often. It's not the same board without Ji.

Lastly, Nate noted how Ji finally redeemed himself by calling the Wizards moving up in the lottery to get John Wall. I've found the thread and it (for us old timers) makes for fun reading. Link: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1011900

dckingsfan wrote:
doclinkin wrote:From that thread

Ji wrote:Well if its any consolation.. when the caps were up 3-1 against Montreal, i sent out a public question on facebook asking everyone if they wanted to play Philly or Boston in the next round.

I need this jinx to end because all my friends think I am a jinx and this would end it all if we got John Wall. I could post game threads,etc

:clown: so funny.

We'd be on a win streak, the thread starter from the prior game thread was due to start a new one, Ji would see a cherry hanging low on the tree (the Charlotte LOLcats for instance) and rush in there to start a Game Thread trying to break his shxtstreak. Inevitably we'd lose, and the more often he did it the more ridiculously awful the outcome. Inevitably something terrible would happen. The "not possible" game may have been ji. But the final straw was definitely the game Gil blew his knee out.

Really it was a mercykill that an overzealous Heat mod 86'ed him.

And somehow after that he changed his name to Jay, and made a baby, and people started respecting his weather reports and all crazy kinda things happened. So who knows. Luck can turn, maybe. Maybe you put in enough hopeless enthusiasm long enough and eventually the wheel turns. Maybe.

Maybe. Though cross your fingers and try not to get your hopes up. Still makes me jumpy if he starts even a weather thread. Remember this guy revels in disaster. He's the first guy every year to advocate tanking for lotto balls.

This needs to be HOF history material

done and done.

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:31 am
by montestewart
keynote wrote:
Tiny Too wrote:Supposedly, Wroten and Carter-Williams went to management. They didn't like that Maynor, as a veteran, insisted they, as rookies, carry his gear on the road trips.

In their defense, Maynor's bags are full of bricks and have no handles.

From The Official Eric Maynor Shrine ®

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:10 pm
by doclinkin
Lessons in ubertrolling from an old jedi master:

pineappleheadindc wrote:
JWizmentality wrote:
That's what I get for perusing the General board. My offense, baiting the fan base. Isn't that some BS? If that's the case the whole Craptor board should be suspended. I haven't been suspended since the potassium on the toilet seat incident back in high school, and to be honest I'm kinda disappointed because I always figured miller31time would be the one to pop my cherry. Alas, he has missed his opportunity.

At the very least I took the Craptor bastard down with me. All I did was call them out for complaining about the refs, there was no name calling or anyth....actually I may have referred to them, in a very flattering way, to an aspect of the female anatomy....and I may have said he was possibly on some contraband but it was all in jest I assure you.

And I have no remorse nor have I learned anything from my incarceration. This rehabilitation has failed miserably, and I may in fact be much worse.

Dude, what the hell is wrong with you? Don't you know how to troll by now? Copy/paste your offending post, so we can see what did you in.

Listen to me, there are only two ways to troll that make the endeavor worthwhile.

1) Lead the lemmings off of the cliff.

In this scenario, it's important for you to express sadness and outrage that the Raptors lost to such an inferior team as Brooklyn. Get folks into the habit of "hell yeah-ing" after your posts. Then, introduce something really stupid and work hard to get the lemmings to follow you. These can include (a) Introducing a conspiracy theory about how the dark forces of the NBA have paid off members of the Raptors squad or coaching staff to throw the game. "Player x really never liked Toronto anyway. Just watch, in 2015 he's gonna jump to some other team and Adam Silver will 'accidentally award them the number 1 pick in the lottery. It sucks that the entire NBA hates Toronto so much". Try and get a mass of folks to repeat your conspiracy theory. OR pick a marginal player or head coach and question their effort. Your ultimate goal is to get a thread full of vitriol aimed at one of their own for made-up (perceived) slights such as a lack of effort or commitment or that they're just stupid.

2) Insult, but couched as a compliment.

"Player X (of the Raptors) really knows how to hustle. Probably in the top 5 in the NBA in hustle. If only he had just mid-level skills (or bb IQ like player Y), he'd be unstoppable. I wonder why the Raptor front office is being so cheap with such a valuable player asset like him that they won't hire him a skills coach?" Try and get the masses angry at the organization.

Calling an entire group of people the same name as female body parts -- amateur.


Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:35 am
by doclinkin
Been quietly doing a 'Number 2" ^^ all over the Bulls board. Helps if it is also true.

I'd add: number 3) poormouth gloating

"We suck so bad and here are all the reasons why you really should be beating us. Geez, how terrible it must be to be beaten by a good-for-nothin sack-of-suck like our squad. Y'all must be really heaps of turds to let that happen. I'd be miserable if I were you."

Only, you know, phrased a wee bit more sympathetically. Then you get them all to try and ante up in the poker game of 'YOu think YOU suck, here's how bad WE suck'. I'll see your inept dysfunction and raise you a seven footer with the hairdo of a standard poodle.

This current breed of Chicago poster is tougher to dislike though. Tough to hate on a squad of hardworking hustlefxcks who dive for loose balls and scrap for everything, so it's easier to contain the schadenfruede. Now if this were Miami well I'm pretty sure I mighta gotten banned by now as well...

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:03 pm
by Nivek
doclinkin wrote:
montestewart wrote:
fishercob wrote:This will do wonders for Nene's persecution complex. I bet he's going to watch game 4 from an actual cross.

Selfish, unrepentant, beyond disaapointing. 20 year old Bradley Beal had more self control and respect for his teammates.

It takes balls to admit you were wrong.

Well then maybe he can admit that he was partially to blame.

From the Nenê thread.

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:52 am
by hands11
Post#27 Re: Wizards "impressive" in their u
Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:35 am by fishercob
Summary of this thread so far:

The SportsVU guys says he's impressed with how the Wizards have used the data.

People respond by saying "the Wizards management sucks,"

Nuh uh, Yuh huh ensues.

I know I risk angering Ruz with this comment, but what a stupid discussion. The reason it's stupid is because no one here knows what we're actually arguing about -- including my friend Nivek who himself said he has very little contact with the front office any more.

Here's what we don't know:

(1) What data the Wiz are mining from SportsVu
(2) How they're using it. Specifically, we don't know who is analyzing the data, the conclusions they're drawing from it, and how they're communicating it to the decision makers in the front office and on the coaching staff -- nor do we know if and how these decision makers are using it.

What we actually know is that this guy said he's impressed by what the Wizards are doing. That's pretty much it.

That this guy's statement would morph into a referendum on long two's, Eric Maynor, etc. is abjectly stupid and a demonstration of this forum performing way, way below its potential. We know next to nothing about the subject at hand -- and that's okay. It's okay to not have the answers all the time. It's okay to just pose questions and wonder. Uninformed certitude is the worst.

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:22 pm
by TGW
WallTown02 wrote:It doesn't matter what the odds of success were. It's zero if you don't try. There is no defense here.

The model franchise, Spurs, use every resource possible to upgrade their team. They have multiple 2nd rounders playing meaningful roles on a championship team. They have multiple assets overseas. Yes, they sold a 2nd this year. They also traded for another. Their team is much deeper than ours. Yet they continue to add pieces in any way possible.

We on the other hand, have multiple open roster spots, but think we can't add talent in the 2nd round. It would be way too difficult to make this "tough & deep" roster. Meanwhile, we're likely to spend about $20 million annually on TWO former 2nd round picks!!!

Selling the pick benefits ONE person. Ted Leonsis. It doesn't give the team the best chance of improving. Arguing otherwise is simply being a blind homer.

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Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:57 pm
by Nivek
From the Grunfeld A Great GM. Proves Doubters Wrong thread:

montestewart wrote:
closg00 wrote:
hands11 wrote:Yet some how William Shatner had a long productive career and still has work.
And in the end, he always won.

And yeah, that sneaking up behind you. That's was EG. Which was the one thing you got right and was the point of the post to begin with.

There-in lies the incredibly low bar that you (but not most here), are willing to accept. Shatner indeed has had a long career, but has he been anything other than a hack and mediocre "working" actor his entire career? You're giddy to have Shatner, we want a Brando or De Niro.

You have to half patients. Sucks doesn't combover ninth. Ita'ss excremental.

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Posted: Wed Jan 7, 2015 12:52 am
by AFM
doclinkin wrote:
fishercob wrote:
Wes_Tiny_Abe_ wrote:Image

Jason Collins is a BORING gentrification era gay.

The real gays in DC were over at 12" Dance Records on P Street back in the day.
99% of the employees who worked there and customers who shopped there were all openly gay.
From men dressed as women all the way to shirtless muscular incredible hulk body type dudes on rollerblades that place was just as gay if not gayer than any gay nightclub in DC or Baltimore.

I remember walking up to the register one time with a stack of albums I wanted to purchase and the cashier behind the register ignored me, pulled out a mirror and started applying lipstick and other makeup products to his face. "I'm busy right now" "Just leave the albums on the counter and come back and pay for them in 10 minutes" he said.

Sometimes the store phone would ring and nobody would answer it because they did not want to lower the music and disrupt the live in store DJ who was mixing house records in the back of store.

I still have one of their shopping bags.

One of these days I might frame it along with many of my other shopping bags from local businesses which have long since closed just to remind myself how interesting this city was before the CVS, Starbucks and Whole Foods invasion.

HOF post.



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Posted: Thu Feb 5, 2015 12:10 pm
by montestewart
dupe, see below

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Thu Feb 5, 2015 12:12 pm
by montestewart
queridiculo wrote:Washington is on pace for their best season record in 36 years, so unless Wittman smuggles a gun into the locker room, solicits a prostitute and **** in Leonsis shoes, he will be back next year.

Countdown to Don Newman Being Named Interim Head Coach

Re: Wiz-Board Rules, Links, Traditions and HOF Posts Thread

Posted: Thu Feb 5, 2015 12:12 pm
by montestewart
dupe, see above