My take on G-League future

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My take on G-League future 

Post#1 » by Zaschrona » Thu Jun 8, 2017 12:48 am

I believe NBA should outsource G-League and make it truly the AAA farm league of the NBA. Expand rosters to 25 players, 15 for the NBA franchise, 10 for the G-League franchise. All players in G-League are therefore owned and paid by NBA teams. Expand draft by 2 rounds, scrap the G-League draft, expand rookie scales right into the 4th round and enter the rule that undrafted rookies have to sign for the minimum.

Re-work the idea of two-way contracts: all players on a rookie contract can be freely sent up or down, but if these players are in the G-League, they get only a percentage of their contract. In their first year they are paid 10% of their contract, the next year they get 20% while they are down, then 30% and 40%. After 4 years these players can still sign a two-way contract but they will have to get 50% of their contract value if they are sent down, plus they will have to go through the waivers so any NBA team can pick-up these players before they are forced to play in a farm league. If a player does not sign a two-way contract and he is sent down after passing the waivers, he still needs to be paid 100% of his contract money. This system should encourage players to work to stay in the league even when they are in the G-League and they are greatly rewarded when they are sent up. They also get paid at least 80k with certainty that if they survive to the next year, they get extra 80k per season.

And this system encourage teams to actually invest into developing talented young players and actually care about them while they would play some team basketbal in the farm league as they would not just trying to play for personal stats to create an interest from an NBA team as it is now. It should also encourage more European players to come to play to the North America. This should cost something like 3 to 5 million annually per team, but I think this cost should be worth it in the long run, especially as the better product should immediately higher up the interest in G-League. Take an example in NHL’s AHL. To make it easier to accept it for teams, higher up luxury tax level a bit to cover these additional costs.

And age limit? The baseball rule would probably work fine. The players that want it, can go to the NBA immediately out of HS. The other option is go to college, but for full 4 years with an option to declare earlier after 2 years. College should not be only about playing basketball, the real aim should be to study as well.
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Re: My take on G-League future 

Post#2 » by UtahJazzFan88 » Wed Dec 6, 2017 9:09 am

Watched some of the games this year, I think the quality of play is pretty good.

Attendance is still an issue at many games though, they really need to move some of these teams to a mid-market or better market than where they're at. At least on paper it would seem if you had an average league wide attendance of 5,000 or so, these players would be making more.

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