Miami Heat partner with Sioux Falls

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Miami Heat partner with Sioux Falls 

Post#1 » by flasah » Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:39 pm

The Miami Heat have become the sole affiliate of the Sioux Falls Skyforce: ... 06_10.html

Now Minnesota and Orlando need new affiliates. Unless there's another expansion team, one D-League team will need to be affiliated with five NBA teams. Fort Wayne, Iowa, Bakersfield and Reno will split 17 NBA teams.
Devin 1L
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Re: Miami Heat partner with Sioux Falls 

Post#2 » by Devin 1L » Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:56 pm

About time. It's a really good move for Miami.

I actually commented on this just a few months ago on here:


Devin 1L wrote:Agreed again. If I'm an NBA team who is truly interested in winning (not just interested in saying that I own a team or being as cheap as I can to make money,) but truly interested in winning, then I would be ashamed if I didn't have at least a hybrid affiliation with a D-League team.

One of the most shocking to me -- the Heat. You've got a superstar core and a contender for years to come just on them alone, but all you really need to do is consistently put system/role players around those big names who fit. What better way than to either outright own a D-League team nearby or have a hybrid affiliation. Pick up players you like, and have them run exactly what you want them to run so that if/when needed, they're there and they're ready. Relative to the massive amounts you're paying out at the NBA level, the costs at the development level are miniscule, and regardless of how good you are, there are still needs (hence the Heat and recent D-Leaguer Varnado.)

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