The 2018/19 Nothern Arizona Suns slump in G-league

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The 2018/19 Nothern Arizona Suns slump in G-league 

Post#1 » by oligo » Thu Feb 21, 2019 5:22 pm

We all know the Suns are struggling this season, so I just decided to see how's their G-leaguer the Nothern Arizona Suns doing. You know, just to make sure if there is still any gas left in the tank for the Suns.

I watched a couple of NAZ games on Facebook Live (all of them they lost), but still, I didn't saw anything particularly bad or good in these games... until I checked their record.

Gosh, at some point of the season, these guys were down by 3-24!? Are you serious? Were they taking to get Zion or what? They made some progress now, and they are something like 7-31.

Seriously, whom to blame for this result? Is Mr. Sarver really guilty for all this crap? Your thoughts? Comments?

P.S.: Meanwhile, other lottery teams e.g. Nets (Long Island Nets), Grizzlies (Memphis Hustle) and others are doing preety good in G-league.

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