OT Best College team to never win a title? 2007/08 UCLA?

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Re: OT Best College team to never win a title? 2007/08 UCLA? 

Post#41 » by EB2 » Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:27 am

Doctor MJ wrote:
It makes me wonder if an alternative explanation is actually better. That being, UCLA got lucky and managed to acquire the most talent out of any program out there, and Howland still couldn't win a title with them, so now when he's had not as amazing talent with far weaker player leadership, we're seeing how fortunate he'd been before.

I don't know. I'm a UCLA alum, and I'm really discouraged with all that's happening right now, so maybe I need to gain more perspective.

I honestly think that if Howland doesn't reach the Final Four this year with Shabazz and Parker there is something wrong with his coaching and he should be fired. There are always injuries, but if that's a healthy UCLA team its the favorite for the Nat'l Championship.
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Re: OT Best College team to never win a title? 2007/08 UCLA? 

Post#42 » by blue and orange » Thu Nov 8, 2012 1:54 am

I would put 1997 Kansas, that team lost only 1 game in the regular season and was destroying people. That team had Paul Pierce, Jaque Vaughn, Raef Lafrentz and Scott Pollard. 84 UNC is another one, that team had Jordan, Sam Perkins, they had Brad Daugherty and Kenny the Jet Smith as freshmen.
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Re: OT Best College team to never win a title? 2007/08 UCLA? 

Post#43 » by crgreen » Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:48 am

wiff wrote:They say hindsight is 20/20. And looking back at the 2007/08 UCLA Bruins I can't help but to scratch my head and wonder how in the heck did this team not win an NCAA title that year?

They had 4 NBA players on that squad and two of them should be All-Stars this year.

Kevin Love
And although he looks a little "touched" in this photo the dude has had what, three 30pts/20rebs this year?

Russel Westbrook
I think the picture speaks for itself.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute one of the best defenders in the NBA. He was pretty good in college too.

Darren Collison
Really a fine young PG in the NBA. Maybe not elite status but he's a very nice young player.

Looking back now I just don't see how this team didn't win the whole thing.

Thoughts or any other team in the last 15 years or so that looking back at the talent they had makes you shake your head at how did they not go father in the dance considering the success they've had in the NBA?

Right School, Wrong Year. Bruins, 1974.

Center, Bill Walton, 3 time college player of the year, Naismith Hall of Fame
Center, Richard Washington, NCAA tourney MVP, All American, 3rd Overall Pick in the Draft
Center, Ralph Drollinger, 7'2, Center Dallas Mavericks NBA
F: Keith Wilkes, 1975 NBA Rookie of the Year, Naismith Hall of Fame
F: Marques Johnson, College Player of the Year, 1st Wooden Award Winner, 3rd overall pick in the draft
F: David Meyers, College Player of the Year, 2nd overall Pick, NBA Draft
G: Greg Lee, NBA Portland Trail Blazers
G: Andre McCarter, NBA Knicks, Bullets

Also, the 1982 UCLA Bruins, which had 9 future NBA players, was not eligible for the tourney (thank you Larry Brown:

Centers Mark Eaton, Stuart Gray, Brand Wright
Forwards Kenny Fields, Michael Sanderss, Darren Daye
Guards Mike Holton, Rod Foster, Ralph Jackson.
squad also had McD All America Nigel Miguel, Parade All America Cliff Pruitt, and Street & Smith AA Tony Anderson.
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Re: OT Best College team to never win a title? 2007/08 UCLA? 

Post#44 » by studcrackers » Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:58 am

bob knight's hoosiers were the last team to go undefeated and honestly they shouldve gone undefeated back to back years but scott may (sean mays dad) broke his arm in 1974-75 season and they lost by 2 to kentucky in the elite 8 (which they beat by 24 when mays was healthy in the regular season). they eventually went to go undefeated the next year

they had 4 of their 5 players make the all big 10 team, 4 1st rounders (including 1 #1 and 1 #2 pick)
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Re: OT Best College team to never win a title? 2007/08 UCLA? 

Post#45 » by Jack wore plaid » Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:07 pm

90-91 UNLV Runnin Rebels

Undefeated until the final game vs Duke

1984 Phi Slamma Jamma

Wittenberg....Oh it's a long way....They won it, on the dunk. Jimmy V wins it all

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