James Michael McAdoo

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James Michael McAdoo 

Post#1 » by Axel » Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:33 am

So, mock drafts now have McAdoo going in the top 10. Does anyone actually buy this hapening? I'm a Carolina homer, and I love McAdoo despite the fact that he practically non-existent until John Henson's injury. Nevertheless, I still see him as a tweener in the NBA. I don't see how he warrants a top 10 pick in a loaded draft.

Is he going to be the next Marvin Williams; a player drafted solely on "potential", who couldn't even start on his college team, or will he stay and develop his skill set?
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Re: James Michael McAdoo 

Post#2 » by Kirsten19 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:49 am

i have my concern on McAdoo's game, rather than his size. an atheltic tweener who plays 3 n 4 in college well enough will have no position in NBA. maybe a backup F like Jerebko BUT thats not gonna be a top 10 pick in a godo draft.

Beasley has a good faceup game, was a good scorer anywhere on the floor, was a decent rebounder in college n wasa good athelte; Marvin Williams and Derick Williams too, had such strengths in colege but all these players do not have a position in NBA

Chad Ford/GMs/Scouts/Jon givony made them top 3 picks, do not mean they deserve to be there.

McAdoo is decent in many ways, but nothing special. He is 6'8.5", has an average wingspan, and has below average weight at 225lb(dont tell me "he can be 250lb" unless he really is)

7'1" wingspan is among 300th-400th in DX database. K.Love has 7'4" wingspan, Brand has 7'5.5" wingspan and Boozer has 7'2.5" wingspan and they are consider not very lengthy in NBA. How imagine McAdoo

These players are short, but take Love as an example he has 3 inches longer wingspan and is 1inch taller. Love may have at least 4 inches advantage to Mcadoo in terms of standing reach. And Love is already onthe short side among all the NBA PFs.

Brand, love and Boozer do not have a tweener game and were a lot stronger even in college
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Re: James Michael McAdoo 

Post#3 » by doordoor123 » Wed Dec 4, 2013 4:22 pm

Why is McAdoo still so high on some boards? I just don't see anything there.
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Re: James Michael McAdoo 

Post#4 » by 51X3RF4N » Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:29 pm

He isn't necessarily a tweener. He's a PF who likes to play outside/in instead of inside/out. The problems he's dealt with consistently are: Lazy, poor FT shooting, LAZY, bad passing skills, LAAAZZYYY.

It's pretty simple. If he applied himself and was aggressive the entire time he was on the court, he'd be dominant. And he's shown it in flashes before. 26 pts, 14 rebounds, that sort of thing.

But he shows no motivation to play defense other than an occasioanal weak side shot block. And he is simply very lazy throughout a game.
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