NCAA Basketball Rules

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NCAA Basketball Rules 

Post#1 » by Sagittaron » Sat Dec 7, 2013 11:17 pm

I am not from the USA, I live in Europe and I regularly watch NBA games (almost every playoff game) and a lot of Euroleague basketball. For NCAA, there isn't any TV coverage here. Except maybe the final four but not for sure. I did manage to watch the final four the last 3 years through stream. I should note that enjoy both European and NBA basketball. The NBA being more offence and highlight oriented (the rules changes are always to that direction) while in Europe there is hand checking, more physicality allowed on defence, zone defence is more applicable etc.

I do get the point of NCAA rules about agents, and amateur status, no endorsements and all that kind of rules. College basketball should be played by amateurs.

What I don't get is the shot clock, the lane dimension, the 3 point shot distance, how many people are permitted in the lane and all those different rules. So I have some questions for you guys in the USA and generally I would love to hear what you guys think on the subject, especially people that follow the NBA and NCAA.

Why were they implemented in the first place?
Do you like these rules and the way college ball is played?
Are the rules there to force NCAA basketball to be different than the NBA?
Would you prefer it if NCAA adapted to NBA or FIBA rules? And wouldn't it be better for players to make the leap to the NBA if NCAA adapted to NBA or even FIBA rules?

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