RealTime Draft question - Turner/WCS

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RealTime Draft question - Turner/WCS 

Post#1 » by realtimedraft » Fri Jan 9, 2015 5:00 am

Question - A player like WCS for Kentucky (outperformed/older than Turner) is a reasonable defensive comparison, but will their offensive ceilings be similar?

I am curious how you all rate these two prospects & why. Our site ("RTD") allows for fans to scout & maintain a historical document of their opinion during the college season in preparation for the draft - I have my own opinions logged and organized on our site but it never hurts to see how fans on other sites view particular prospects. I think it is important to get all fan opinions out to teams/etc and that is why we built our site the way we did.

But getting back on track - at the end of the day who would you pick & why (lets just say we are ignoring team need and judging this solely on each prospects complete game) > Turner or WCS


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