Uconn 2015-2016 so vastly under rated

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Uconn 2015-2016 so vastly under rated 

Post#1 » by BRIGGS » Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:14 am

I went to Uconn for 6 years back from 87-92 followed them before and after that. Weve had some absolutely great teams. I still think the best was the team that won the first NC game--not the most talent but had the best IQ as a team.

I think this years team is going to be a more talented version of that 99 team. The two upper class-men transfers--just how much value do they bring and BOTH on the same team? Almost impossible to put a value onj it--but remember how Shabazz Napier dominated as a senior. You don't necessarily need to be a 5th pick in the draft to dominate CBB and that's what I think Sterling Gibbs is going to do. You add in Jalen Adams(who is a freak) and Rodney Purvis and really thats a top 5 backcourt if not higher.

Then you say we have another transfer Shonn Miller who has NBA potential who will play 4. Amida Brimah also NBA 1st round material who has moved his body weight from 220--240 this summer. We added Steve Enosh as a 6-11 back up C with Phil Nolan another 6-11 245 pound back up. That gives us 3 6-11 players. You add in maybe the most versatile SF in CBB with D Hamilton at 6-8 who can also play 1-2-3-4 with PG skills and an improving 3 pointer with a high quality double digit scorer back up in Omar Calhoun.. You have a lot of long armed players in that frontcourt with quick long powerful perimeter defenders and we can throw in the depth all game. Also dont forget additional quality backs up swith Cassell and Facey. Th team is stacked can absorb injury problems and have a combination of both frontcourt and back-court talent with experience depth and high IQ play.
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Re: Uconn 2015-2016 so vastly under rated 

Post#2 » by El Turco » Fri Aug 7, 2015 7:26 am

nit team
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