Lonzo Ball vs. Markelle Fultz: Who's Better?

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Re: Lonzo Ball vs. Markelle Fultz: Who's Better? 

Post#21 » by HotelVitale » Wed Sep 1, 2021 9:59 pm

SunsLyf3 wrote:
HotelVitale wrote:
SunsLyf3 wrote:I'll take the one with elite floor vision and that shot nearly 40% from 3 at a very high rate.
Really, over the one who showed elite pn'r and shooting off the dribble skills, and averaged 23/6/6 on 48% shooting and 41% from 3 on as much volume as Ball as an 18 year old? And also had a near 7 ft wingspan and a great handle. Fultz was a great prospect who suddenly lost his best skill--pull-up shooting--in one of the weirdest events in draft history. Any comparison between the two has to take that into account, otherwise we're talking nonsense.

Easily. Things done as an 18 year old are great but he's 23 now and currently Lonzo is better and with a higher ceiling. Lonzo currently has a floor of Jrue Holiday IMO.

? This was a thread and question from draft time 2019. Obviously no one has any interest in Fultz now, like I said he completely lost the main tool he had that made the rest of his game go.
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Re: Lonzo Ball vs. Markelle Fultz: Who's Better? 

Post#22 » by the_process » Mon Mar 20, 2023 12:36 am

And now two years later, Lonzo’s career is likely over, while Fultz still can’t shoot from distance but has figured most everything else out.

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