What do you think high level D1 interviews are like?

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What do you think high level D1 interviews are like? 

Post#1 » by Mischa » Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:46 pm

What topics are covered? Style or recruiting? Offensive/defensive philosophies? What do AD’s look for in a coach?

I think it varies. Smart schools would cover all of the things above plus some others…

– What kind of culture do you want to establish? Part of that is addressed by the things above but it’s beyond that. What are your bedrock principles? What role do academics play for your players and does that mesh with the university’s priorities? How do you plan on you and your team interacting with the university community and the community at large? Basically, what do you believe in?

– I’d want to know about your views on media, both oldline and social versions. Are you open to finding creative ways to use the media to your advantage? People often paint someone like Izzo as a luddite (he helps) wrt new media but man, the guy has used the old version about as well as any coach in memory. Lots of different ways to effectively function in this phase…everyone doesn’t have to be Tim Miles tweeting from the halftime locker room…but I’d want to know what the plan is and what the feelings are in terms of willingness to play the game.

– What kind of staff do you want to assemble? Probably some talk about specific guys but also a general profile as to the kind of people you’d want to fill out the basketball office.

– How do you feel about our facilities and general basketball infrastructure and commitment of resources to the program? Any coach is going to want more than what’s currently on offer, but I’d want to know specific areas of upgrade a candidate would want to see.
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