Mikael Jantunen next Finnish NBA player?

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Mikael Jantunen next Finnish NBA player? 

Post#1 » by Jiipee84 » Tue Jul 9, 2019 12:00 pm


Finnish basketball prospect Mikael Jantunen committed to university of UTAH NCAA team this past season ( 2018-2019 ).
Some Finnish basketball insiders have compared Jantunen to Lauri Markkanen and said Jantunen might be next Finnish NBA player.

Personally i have seen only few Finnish men's national team games for Jantunen.
So i can't say much is he legit or real NBA draft prospect.

Jantunen is talented young player that's for sure and he will have great career ahead as a basketball player.
How you see Mikael Jantunen as a player and what do you think about him.
PS I'm sorry of that additional information is not perfect but that's all what i could find.
Trivia Jantunen's ex coach Hanno Mottola from Helsinki Basbet Academy high-school team played in UTAH before his NBA career.

Few questions
1 Is Mikael Jantunen enough good to make it NBA ?
2 Can Jantunen be a star or role player in NBA ?
3 NBA comparison ?
4 If Jantunen enters NBA draft is he 1st round or 2nd round pick or goes he undrafted ?
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Re: Mikael Jantunen next Finnish NBA player? 

Post#2 » by rygar » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:03 am

I've seen a few games from him and I'm a fan of the kid, but I doubt he's going to make it to the NBA. From what I've seen, he's a high IQ guy with decent handles, good attitude/hustle, good rebounder for his size and versatile defender. However, he is not a good shooter and get most of his buckets from paint. In the NBA against much bigger and stronger players, he is not big/athletic enough to get those easy buckets. Will likely have a good career in Europe though, IMO. If he develops a jumpshot and can get it off much quicker, then NBA might be a possibility. He's still young, started playing basketball somewhat late, so there's obviously room for improvement.

Jantunen and Markkanen are nothing alike besides being from Finland. Lauri is a 7'0" deadeye shooter, Jantunen 6'8" hustle guy.

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