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NBA 2K17 Cash Sim League 

Post#1 » by NBA2KCSL » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:09 am

I posted in the Sim League Ads thread, but in case that doesn't get as many eyeballs....

I get it. You're wondering why the hell I should read a post by a guy with less than 5 total posts on the RealGM boards. He's probably a sleazy dirtbag eh?

Wrong. I used to be a member on the board many moons ago. Mostly as an observer who didn't post much, but I honestly can't even remember my username from then.

Regardless, I'm here with a new 2k Sim League with cash prizes at the end of the playoffs!

I'm not sure why there aren't many sim leagues that actually use NBA 2K, rather I see a lot of random programs and basketball generators. I used to be a part of one back in the day too, but I've had the sudden urge to kick off my own league.

I'm in the process of creating the forum to house this league, but I wanted to put out feelers first to see who/how many people would be interested.

The gist of the league is as follows:

First couple editions will use NBA 2K18 season mode
Will only be 1-off seasons, chance to re-enter at the end of every playoffs
Fantasy draft, serpentine format
Hoping to fill all 30 teams
28 games in a season
1/1/3/5 playoff format
$50 buy-in
Prizes: 60% of pot to winner, 15% of pot to runner up, remaining 25% will be dispersed based on bonus achievements
Bonus achievements: player of the month, mvp, 6th man, etc
Will simulate a week in the game every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
Will attempt to cpu-simulate 1-2 games per week live on twitch to allow for banter/discussion amongst team owners and myself
Owners will be able to trade, sign free agents, assign minutes, adjust lineups as the season progresses, and all other features you can normally control in a Season mode

After every simulation I will update all the necessary info in the forum with screenshots straight from the game. Info such as box scores, stats, league leaders, schedule, etc.

I will hammer out the finer details in terms of managing your team, settings, and all that with time.

First and foremost, I want to see how many people are interested.

I'm always open to suggestions and feedback, so please don't hesitate to hit me up.

Hope to hear from y'all soon!

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