Fixing Up My team, 4-0 Currently

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Fixing Up My team, 4-0 Currently 

Post#1 » by nzahir » Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:57 pm

I am in a H2H, 8 man team league, 1 point for a win. This is my current roster (I pick up and drop last 2 guys all the time, currently harrell and Moore). Barely won this week, was picking up 2 guys the last couple of days.

AD, Kawhi, PG, Love (IR), Lowry, Harris, Murray, Jarret Allen, Teague, Kanter, Josh Richardson, Mcgee, Moore, Harrell, John Collins on IR

Looking for some help though. I am pretty good or dominant in Blocks, Rebounds, Steals, TO, FT%. Top 3 in all of these

Number 4 in assists and points. Thinking about solidifying one more spot, do I go assists? I would be higher if not for teague injury I believe. I used to also have Elfrid Peyton, who is available atm to pick up. Can always try to improve fg% as well

I think I should throw away 3s, 2nd to last I think

Harris and Murray (pretty good with fts) have been busts for me and I don't need them too much I think for what I am trying to do. I have a ton of goof shot blockers, should I sell high on Mcgee who will not lose a bit of time to Tyson. But I don't think his numbers will fall much b/c Tyson is taking away time mainly from Zubac/Williams and a bit of Kuzma at the 5. Blocks seem easiest to replace though with guys like Robinson and Brook Lopez sitting as FA's. Also have Collins coming back.

Any specific names I should go for?

Looking at assist leaders: Jrue, Cp3, or Wall are some options. I think Jrue's assists are a bit higher than normal rn b/c no Elfrid. Cp3 should pick it up imo. Same owner has Cp3 and Jrue, he can use shot blocking and wanted PG before (who has been destroying my fg%)

For ppg that are efficient: Looking at Derozan

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