Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020

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Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#1 » by PerkinsFor3 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 5:23 am

Here are my initial breakout candidates and sleepers for 2019-2020.

D – Dynasty target: Some of these players might be roadblocked to start the season. However, they present a lot of upside and could start pushing the incumbents for playing time after a few months, see an increased role as soon as they show they’re up for it, or see increased playing time late in the season.
B – Breakout candidate: These players all have a chance to break out this season. Be it due to increased playing time, increased touches and responsibility or change of scenery – keep an eye on them!
S – Sleeper: These players might not have a full breakout, but are potentially going to be underdrafted. They tend to come at a low price and could be a make-or-break asset for championship runs.

Atlanta Hawks

Bruno Fernando – I 100% believe Bruno is going to be the starter at the end of this season. Alex Len put up some stats (shot a lot of threes) late last season, but no way that’s an indication of what’s to come. Len doesn’t have that range, and didn’t play all that well, even though he got the minutes. Enter Bruno. The Hawks did trade for Damian Jones but he’s not very good. Spellmann leaving to GSW only frees up more minutes. Bruno has some range, and good drive and nice pull up, and is strong as an ox. Having shown steady improvement in college, he’s got a lot of upside. S D

Kevin Huerter – Came along quite nicely as the season progressed, and has upside in pts, threes, rebounds, assists and steals. Good size for a SG and could be a great second or third option on an improving Atlanta Hawks team. I’m a fan in dynasty settings. B D

Brooklyn Nets

Rodions Kurucs – Should be able to carve out a nice role in the Nets rotation going forward. Started over 40 games last season, Very up & down in production, but I see a lot of upside for him. He’s from 1998, so extremely young, but could start producing across the board this season. Don’t see a lot of weaknesses in his fantasy game, yet his summer league performance left a lot to be desired. B

Joe Harris – He is what he is, but at the same time, that’s him being a damn good shooter. When scouting for threes, I always want my players to provide some help in FG too, if possible. Joe hits almost 2.5 threes a game, while shooting at a 50% clip from the field. That’s a mighty good combo. His rebounds and ast are merely ok for a SF and his steals numbers leave much to be desired, capping his value a bit. Still, I’d have Harris over guys like Justin Holiday all day. S

Boston Celtics

Daniel Theis – While I don’t think Theis will blow you away with his statistical output, I do believe he could be an underrated piece of a winning team in deeper leagues. He’ll shoot really decent percentages at 55/75 splits, and will be able to chip in a block a game. Might also shoot over 0.7 threes and provide some rebounding. Almost no TO’s as well. He might just be the best fit with Boston’s starting unit. S

Grant Williams – Love his upside as a real life performer – but not so much convinced of his fantasy value. I think he’s going to thrive in Boston’s system but could do all the things that don’t show up in fantasy stats (think: loads of hockey-assists). I don’t think he’ll get a lot of blocks or steals, which probably will result mostly in ‘popcorn’ stats. The ast from his position should be nice. S D

Carsen Edwards – Love this guy. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and was passed up by too many teams. He’s simply a ballplayer. I think he’s best suited for a LouWill type of role, while many compare him to Eddie House. I think he’ll be a bit better than House in the pros, but that’s a nice floor to medium prognosis. S D

Charlotte Hornets

Devonte’ Graham – I still feel the Hornets should’ve started Graham this year, and run their young guns out there. Miles Bridges to PF, Bacon at SF or SG and if you can’t move Batum have him play the other wing position. Yet, the Hornets opted to hand out some millions to Rozier. I don’t think Rozier is a great get here, his situation reminds me somewhat of Dennis Schröder’s a few years ago in ATL, or maybe Reggie Jackson in his first few years as a starter. Graham is a gritty and heady floor general who can rack up ast and provide some steals and threes as well. Should be a fun efficiency guy. S

Dwayne Bacon – As mentioned, I fully believe Bacon could break out. Should start at either wing position and could just be the leading scorer or second leading scorer for the Hornets this season. Underrated player and incredibly strong. He reminds me of Damyen Dotson somewhat, but in a better position and lower age. Will provide stats across the board. B S

Miles Bridges – Should be the guy drawing in crowds for the Hornets for the next few years. Will probably be one of the top dunkers in the league and will feature on many posters (in the good sense). He’s shooting a whole lot of threes this summer, which bodes well. I think, much like Bacon, he should be able to provide stats across the board, probably a bit more blocks and rebounds than Bacon, though. Will see minutes at PF, so should get that eligibility as well. B

Find the rest here:
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#2 » by Village Idiot » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:22 pm

Very interesting writeup. For my Blazers I was surprised to not see Zach Collins mentioned. After his stellar performance in the playoffs it became clear that he will start at PF, making Aminu expendable. Alongside Whiteside they are going to terrorize anyone trying to drive to the rim.
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#3 » by agkagk » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:55 pm

Josh Richardson could end up finishing the year being rated around 15th. He’s in a very good situation.

Dennis smith (get him now, he only needs to be pretty good to be a huge fantasy win)
Either of San Antonio’s point guards could break out big time.

Willy Cauley-Stein in big huge capital letters— I expect his usage and minutes to go WAY up. He’s about to become klay and curry’s Donkey/beast of burden; but in a good way! I’m expecting like 18 and 10 out of him.

Also, take the over on gstate total wins.

Digging deep: og, Giles and basically anyone else that is going to go from minimal usage to force fed usage— clever I know! Ok, look at teams with scrubby depth and no clear cut number one scoring option — who’s being looked at to step up?

Orlando and Charlotte come to mind.

Issac, rozier and bridges.

Even if they both suck, issac and rozier should be top 50 based on usage alone. Happy hunting y’all.

Other situations to looks: Portland and Minnesota’s depth: Noah vonleh’s minutes and usage? Hezonja or hardaway? Who’s Minnesota’s third option?

Edit: Kyle Lowry is in a contract year, expect one last hurrah out of him. If he’s healthy, he’s top twenty.
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#4 » by NeoDragonKnight » Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:56 pm

Thomas Bryant is set up to have a monster year now that he has the C position pretty much all to himself and he was stats stuffing when given 30+ minutes. Breakout, possibly a dynasty league keeper.

Miles Bridges should be a prime breakout guy and stats stuffer. Breakout, possibly a dynasty league keeper.

Bruno Caboclo has a chance as well, but will have to see if he can carve out rotation minutes. Sleeper, might be worth a stash in the last round.
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#5 » by alessandro3945 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:17 pm

nice read, thumbs up
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#6 » by Bank Shot » Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:50 am

Love it man. Agree 100% about Fernando. He's going to get a chance at some point and his game screams late-season mid-round player. Agree with your Hornets comments too especially with regards to Bridges and Bacon. Bacon just needs to up the D stats and he'll be good.
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#7 » by floppymoose » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:40 am

Willy Cauley-Stein is not going to break out at GS. That will be a committee and Looney is going to get the most minutes.
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#8 » by Yuri Vaultin » Sun Sep 15, 2019 5:56 pm

Ingram and Ball are both enticing due to Gentry's fast paced offense. Can Ingram improve his ft and reduce his turnovers?
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Re: Sleepers and Break Out Candidates for Fantasy Basketball in 2019-2020 

Post#9 » by GeorgeMarcus » Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:10 am

PerkinsFor3 wrote:.

Troy Brown Jr but you already know this
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