2020-2021 ADP

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2020-2021 ADP 

Post#1 » by stoo » Sat Jun 6, 2020 10:35 am

hey guys..

in the lack of fantasy activities, I started entertaining myself with mock drafts on Yahoo h2h leagues..

Of course, I am the only person there and the rest are bots.
So the problem is they pick players based on last season adp list, which leaves me too many good players in every round..

So what I would like to do, is to have an ADP list for the next season, so when it is my turn to draft, I can limit myself to the players that are more realistically going to be available, independent of what are my options in every round..

To do this, I copied first 200 players from this season, added klay, nurk, durant, wall and cousins, and put them randomly toward the beginning of the list. I didn't put in any rookies to be. Also, I added some more players, each for different reasons. I ended up with 250 players list, and I would like your help :)

Here is the link to docx file of 250 players, which I am going to change, not the players, but their position on the list, based on where they are probably going to be drafted. If anybody is interested, you can download the file, change the order for yourself, and you can use it to practice draft as well. Also, you can upload it here again, so that I can have a look, or if there are more of you to do it, we can all for ourselves give it a lookk and come closer to the real adp list for 20-21


i guess the link will work just for some time, so i can reupload it later if somebody wants it

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