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Re: Classifieds 

Post#281 » by Curtis Lemansky » Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:36 pm

Hey fellas,

We have a dynasty league that has been around since 2007. It is a h2h league run on yahoo with FGM 7 FTM replacing FT%/FG% in standard 9 categories. It is a an 18 team league and we will have about 5 openings right now. We have our own board where we run our off-season activities. We still havent kicked off with this off-season yet so when you take over, you will be able to participate both in the rookie draft and free agent auctions. What we want is active gm's who will set their line-ups, send offers and generally interact with others (We have an international group with guys in Europe, Asia and USA.). Please post in here or pm me if you are interested.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#282 » by jcaponio » Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:15 pm


My name is Joe and I am the commissioner of the All-American Fantasy Basketball League. This 14-team league is entering its third season, and we are in need of three owners to take over our abandoned teams. We are looking to add only very active and competitive owners with integrity and a history of success in fantasy leagues. Here are some quick, basic details:

- Entry fee of $125.
- League run using CBS commissioner service
- 100% of the fees go toward paying for the league site and the winner’s pot
- Live extended draft during the last week of October
- H2H, points-based scoring
- Top six teams make playoffs
- Weekly add/drops, nightly lineup changes
- Teams keep 2 or 3 players from year to year
- A team can keep the same player only three consecutive years

Here are the top keeper choices and draft position of the available teams. Each team keeps three players, with the option of keeping only two and receiving a supplemental pick before the 1st round of the draft:

Team A (2nd pick): Stephen Curry*, Nikola Vucevic, Marfieff Morris, David Lee*, Jarrett Jack
Team B (9th pick): Damien Lillard*, DeAndre Jordan*, Tyreke Evans, Reggie Jackson, Chris Bosh*
Team C (8th pick): Chris Pal*, Al Horford*, DeMar DeRozan*, Evan Turner, Trey Burke

The players with asterisks by their names have been kept once by their respective team, so you will be eligible to keep them two more times (once this season, and again next October, meaning you would have control of them through the 2016-17 season).

I’ve attached the full constitution below. If interested, please email me at Serious, experienced owners only please.

All-American Fantasy Basketball League

I. OBJECTIVE: The mission of the A-AFBL is to conduct a game of fantasy basketball in a fun and competitive fashion while maintaining stable franchise ownership from season to season. This league was founded to help us enjoy the game we love to follow, as well as a way to participate in a league with a very high level of activity and competition.

II. TEAMS AND OWNERS: The league will consist of 14 owners from across the country.

III. FEES: The A-AFBL has a one-time entry fee of $125. This fee covers all transactions and league costs for the entire season. All league fees go towards paying for the league website and winners’ pot (see section XI on payouts). Please send check or money order to the following address (no cash please):

Address given out when you join the league.

IV. MANAGEMENT: Joe Caponio will serve as commissioner of the league, and the league website will be hosted by CBS Sports’ commissioner service.

V. DRAFT PROCESS: Each year, we will hold a live draft over several hours to form our rosters for the upcoming season.

Because it is virtually impossible to get 14 owners from across the country online all at one time for a three-hour period, we will hold a “slow” draft, where each team has five hours to make their selection. The draft clock will be suspended overnight to prevent owners from being skipped as they sleep. The draft will be 12 rounds long, as each team will have three players (three keepers or two keepers plus a supplemental pick) going into the draft.

The draft order will be based on the results of a “draft bracket.” The eight teams that do not qualify for the playoffs (see section VIII) will be entered into the “draft bracket.” These teams will stage a 3-week, single elimination tournament to determine the draft order for the following season. The winner of the draft bracket will get the first pick in the following year’s draft, the runner-up will receive the second pick, and so on. This is done to encourage teams who fall out of playoff competition to continue to competitively manage their teams for the entire season.

The remaining (playoff) teams draft order will be determined based upon how they finished in the playoffs. Picking in reverse order, the A-AFBL Champion will pick 14th, the runner-up 13th, etc. down to the 9th place team.

The draft will follow a “snake” order, where the team picking first in even-numbered rounds will pick last in odd-numbered rounds.

The 2015 draft will start on the morning of Thursday, October 15.

VI. KEEPERS: One week prior to each season’s draft, owners must select a minimum of two and maximum of three players to keep off of their roster from the end of the previous season. These can be any two or three players from any position. The deadline for keepers this season is 8 pm on Monday, October 12.

If a team only retains two players, it will receive a supplemental pick prior to the regular draft. The pick order of the supplemental draft will be the same as the first round of that year’s regular draft. Teams that choose to keep a third player will not receive a pick in the supplemental draft. The supplemental draft will take place on Tuesday, October 13.

Players can be kept by the same team for only three consecutive seasons. If a player is traded, he is eligible to be kept another three years by his new team.

VII. ROSTERS AND LINEUPS: Each team will field a roster with 15 players. Each team will start eight players each night (1 Center, 2 Forwards, 2 Guards, and 3 Flex players at any position). Teams can change their lineups nightly throughout the game period. Lineups lock in five minutes before the first NBA game each night.

VIII. DIVISIONS, SCHEDULE, AND PLAYOFFS: There will be two divisions of 7 teams, with the division alignment being based on the geographical location of the owners of each team.

Each team will play 21 regular season games, head-to-head against a different opponent each week (Monday through Sunday). Teams will play each other team once (13 total games), and will play one team from its own division twice.

At the end of the 21-week regular season, the top six teams will advance to the league playoffs. The league standings are in order of winning percentage. The first standings tie-breaker is head-to-head record, and the second tie-breaker is total fantasy points scored.

The team with the best overall record will receive the top seed in the playoffs, as well as a first-round bye. The team that wins the other division will receive the #2 seed, and the other first-round bye. The four teams with the next best records will be seeded #3-#6 as the wild cards, and compete in the first round of the playoffs, with the #3 team playing the #6 team, and the #4 team playing the #5 team.

The lowest seeded winner from the first round will advance to play the #1 seed in the semifinals, while the higher seeded opening round winner will advance to play the #2 seed. The two semifinal winners will play each other for the A-AFBL championship.

IX. SCORING SYSTEM: The A-AFBL will follow a head-to-head, points-based scoring system, outlined here:
- Point = .1 fantasy point
- Rebound = .15 fp
- Assist = .2 fp
- Steal = .2 fp
- Block = .2 fp
- Turnover = -.1 fp

The team with the highest total number of fantasy points at the end of the week will get the win for that week. In the result of a tie, the team with the most total fantasy points from their bench will be declared the winner.


Waiver Signings: Teams are allowed an unlimited number of free agent/waiver signings per season. These are included in the league fee.

Waiver pickups: Following the draft, every player not drafted will be placed on waivers. Teams will have the ability to place claims on any non-drafted player during this time. After the 48 hour timeframe, CBS will place claimed players on teams based on the waiver order. To start the season, the waiver order will be the reverse of the draft order. During the season, any player cut from a team will be placed on waivers, as well as all other free agents. Teams can put in claims for them, and the waiver order during the season is the reverse of the league standings. Waivers will run once a week, every Sunday night. This is done to prevent teams from adding players daily throughout the week, just to use them when they have a free spot in their lineup.

Trades: Teams are allowed to trade players at any time. You can only trade draft picks for an upcoming draft once you have paid your league fee for the upcoming season. All trades must be passed by the Trade Committee. This committee will be made up of five owners each year. Should they reject a trade, the owners will be asked to redo the deal so that it passes through the committee. If a trade vote is tied, the commissioner will step in and have the deciding vote. There will be a trade deadline imposed on midnight of the same day as the NBA trade deadline (February 18th this season), to stop any late-season trades that may involve collusion.

XI. PAYOUTS: All the money paid in the league fees goes towards the league payouts, with the exception of the $100 CBS charges to host the site. So, with 14 teams putting in $125, the total pot comes out to $1,750. After subtracting the $100 for CBS, we are left with $1,650 for payouts. The prize money will be broken down as follows:

- League Champion: $700
- Runner Up: $350
- Best Overall Regular Season Record: $350
- Other Division Winner: $250

Therefore, it is possible that a team finishing with the best overall regular season record and winning the league title could win $1,050.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#283 » by Premier_Buckeye » Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:51 pm


I run a fantasy basketball league entering it's 4th season and we are looking for new owners. General details below:

- Run through ESPN fantasy site
- $60 buy-in per team - you can have multiple teams and owners
- League is modeled after after the one described in this Bill Simmons Grantland article from a few years back (
- Salary cap league using real NBA player salaries and contracts
- 11 roster players at all times - 10 active and 1 bench spot. No positional requirements at all - can have whoever you want, as long as you stay under the salary cap and above the minimum payroll
- Roto style scoring w/ 10 stat categories (FG%, FT%, 3P%, OReb, Dreb, Ast, Stl, Blk, TO, Pts). You compete against every other team at all times - no H2H and no playoffs.
- Dynasty / keeper league where you can keep up to 3 players per year from the prior year and no time limit on how long you keep a player for
- Payouts for both season-long and weekly category winners
- $250 of total money pool goes to weekly winners. You win a category for the week - you get $1. Winner is the weekly winner, except with FG%, FT%, and 3P% (which are cumulative season-long).
- Remaining pool of money goes to season-long winners (1st - 70%, 2nd - 15%, 3rd - 10%, 4th - 5%)
- Max of 60 roster moves for the season
- Commissioner monitors all the cap compliance at all times and provides materials to stay on top of things easily.

Hit me up at for more information.

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Re: Classifieds 

Post#284 » by Premier_Buckeye » Thu Oct 1, 2015 12:01 am

Mjackson28 wrote:Eagerly looking to join a keeper basketball league. Willing to either take over a team or join a newly formed league. Please reply here or via PM.

Email me at and I can send you details on my keeper league.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#285 » by Premier_Buckeye » Thu Oct 1, 2015 12:02 am

TowelBoy wrote:Looking for a fantasy team on either Yahoo or ESPN.

Hit me up at and I can give you details on my league run on ESPN.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#286 » by Premier_Buckeye » Thu Oct 1, 2015 12:03 am

saints63213 wrote:I really want to get into a nba dynasty league.....

Hit me up at and I can send you details on my dynasty league run on
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#287 » by j1cyrus » Mon Oct 5, 2015 10:58 pm

Hey guys.. please email me directly at ASAP if you're serious and want in. This will be a Yahoo! league.

I've been a RealGM member/lurker for nearly 6 years, and I'm looking to put together the greatest fantasy basketball league ever. I want to "feel" like a GM without all the hyper-complex salary cap gymnastics, lol.

"Greatest" is kind of a subjective/loaded term, but this is what it means to me:

- intuitive, easy to play
- scoring that's as close to real life value as possible
- keeper system that rewards excellent scouting

and finally:

- full of absolute beasts for owners

In other words, the guy who loves the NBA enough to watch games a few times a week. The guy who's reliable enough to always set lineups and check the trade desk. The guy who loves this stuff as much as I do.

Anyways, here's what I've got:

- $300 budget for the Auction
- simple, but intuitive and flexible formula to calculate keeper cost: (price paid at last year's auction) + (this year's end of season dollar value) divided by 2 - this rewards owners for stealing good young players nobody else believes in, while still slowly eroding that benefit as time passes
- I do all the work, you just log into the league at the beginning of the new year and check the box next to the player(s) you want to keep
- I don't police trades, your team, do what you want.. leagues with great owners don't need the trade police


League Name: FeelGM
Auto-renew Enabled: Yes
Custom League URL:
Draft Type: Live Auction Draft
Max Teams: 16
Scoring Type: Fantasy Points
Max Acquisitions for Entire Season: No maximum
Max Trades for Entire Season No maximum
Trade Reject Time: 0
Trade End Date: March 3, 2016
Waiver Time: 1 day
Waiver Type: FAAB w/ Continual rolling list tiebreak
Waiver Mode: Standard
Can't Cut List Provider: None
Trade Review: Commissioner
Post Draft Players: Free Agents
Max Acquisitions per Week: No maximum
Weekly Deadline: Daily - Today
Start Scoring on: Week 1
Playoffs: Week 20, 21 and 22 (6 teams) Note: Week 22 runs 7 days from Mar 28 to Apr 3
Playoff Reseeding: Yes
Lock Eliminated Teams: No
Divisions: Yes (4 divisions)
Playoff Seeding Options: All teams seeded according to overall standings

Roster Positions: PG, SG, G, G, SF, PF, F, F, C, C, C, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
Players Stat Category Value
Minutes Played (MIN) -0.3
Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -1.2
Field Goals Made (FGM) 1.5
Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -1
Free Throws Made (FTM) 1.5
3-point Shots Attempted (3PTA) -0.5
3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 1.5
Points Scored (PTS) 1.5
Offensive Rebounds (OREB) 0.7
Total Rebounds (REB) 0.8
Assists (AST) 2
Steals (ST) 3.5
Blocked Shots (BLK) 3.5
Turnovers (TO) -3.5
Personal Fouls (PF) -0.5

I designed the scoring several years ago after a crapload of research and experimentation. I have a solid background in analytics, and found that this setup was pretty much the best possible way to have boxscore stats tell us a relatively accurate story about who the best, most productive players are.

I've used this scoring in another longtime league with a lot of hardcore NBA fans who were novice to intermediate at fantasy, and everyone has loved it. The feedback I've gotten is that it allows them to value players using their intuition, instead of worrying about this or that category.

Again, SERIOUS OWNERS ONLY. I hate dead teams. I want ppl who are in it for the full year and beyond. Let me know via email! I'll respond ASAP.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#288 » by hollywoodd » Thu Oct 8, 2015 1:22 pm

WikingBallz wrote:I'm happy to take over a team, send a PM

Sent from my HTC One_M8 using RealGM Forums mobile app

I need 2 owners who will be active for the whole year (including the playoffs) no matter how your team is going. The available teams are Destroyers and Fine.

It is an ESPN custom Head-to-Head points auction keeper league with weekly lockout.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#289 » by hollywoodd » Thu Oct 8, 2015 1:24 pm

TowelBoy wrote:Looking for a fantasy team on either Yahoo or ESPN.

I need 2 owners who will be active for the whole year (including the playoffs) no matter how your team is going. The available teams are Destroyers and Fine.

It is an ESPN custom Head-to-Head points auction keeper league with weekly lockout.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#290 » by hollywoodd » Thu Oct 8, 2015 1:26 pm

Mjackson28 wrote:Eagerly looking to join a keeper basketball league. Willing to either take over a team or join a newly formed league. Please reply here or via PM.

I need 2 owners who will be active for the whole year (including the playoffs) no matter how your team is going. The available teams are Destroyers and Fine.

It is an ESPN custom Head-to-Head points auction keeper league with weekly lockout.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#291 » by warriors314 » Fri Oct 9, 2015 8:34 pm

I have two teams open for a 4th year Yahoo 10-team Fantasy Basketball League. Teams get to keep up to 3 players into the upcoming draft. Free league. Email if interested. Here are the rosters:

Team 1
Giannis Antetokounmpo
DeMarre Carroll
Kenneth Faried
Derrick Favors
Jordan Hill
Brandon Knight
Kawhi Leonard
Jeremy Lin
Kevin Love
Markieff Morris
Tony Parker
Jonas Valanciunas
Kemba Walker

Team 2
Carmelo Anthony
Bradley Beal
Mario Chalmers
Tim Duncan
Marc Gasol
Paul George
Ty Lawson
David Lee
C.J. Miles
J.J. Redick
Rajon Rondo
Terrence Ross
Tyler Zeller
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#292 » by rocketsballin » Fri Oct 9, 2015 11:12 pm

warriors314 wrote:I have two teams open for a 4th year Yahoo 10-team Fantasy Basketball League. Teams get to keep up to 3 players into the upcoming draft. Free league. Email if interested. Here are the rosters:

Team 1
Giannis Antetokounmpo
DeMarre Carroll
Kenneth Faried
Derrick Favors
Jordan Hill
Brandon Knight
Kawhi Leonard
Jeremy Lin
Kevin Love
Markieff Morris
Tony Parker
Jonas Valanciunas
Kemba Walker

Team 2
Carmelo Anthony
Bradley Beal
Mario Chalmers
Tim Duncan
Marc Gasol
Paul George
Ty Lawson
David Lee
C.J. Miles
J.J. Redick
Rajon Rondo
Terrence Ross
Tyler Zeller

im looking for standard settings leagues, maybe a few tweaks. what are settings for this league?
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#293 » by NavonDuSandau » Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:34 pm

hey all!

I'm looking for a few more owners for my annual fantasy hoops league. It's been around for ~15 years, but sometimes you lose someone, unfortunately! It's a 11 cat, head to head, keeper league with a live auction draft on the 17th. Send me an email at if you're interested :)


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Re: Classifieds 

Post#294 » by NavonDuSandau » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:47 am

we still need one owner, hurry or lose out! ;)
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#295 » by fi+ta » Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:59 pm

I need some managers for my cash league. $30 buy in. 9-cat H2H 12 teams
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#296 » by rockfan » Wed Oct 21, 2015 4:00 pm

Looking for 2 owners for a new free 12 team league on ESPN. Very knowledgeable owners in place so it will be very competitive. A few other details are: H2H, 17 players on a roster with 12 keepers, draft will be random ordered by ESPN before draft. Once all spots are filled a set time for the draft will be chosen.

Email at:
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#297 » by alessandro3945 » Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:59 pm

we are looking for 4 replacement managers for teams in my yahoo H2H dynasty league.
The league is in it's third year and we have an international cast
We use a forum so we like the managers to be active there too
Total of teams is 14 and we keep every one
Email me at if interested or pm

One team taken , 3 available
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#298 » by Billy17 » Tue May 3, 2016 6:57 pm

Run n Gun Dynasty

Admission to League:
In order to be admitted to this league, you will need to sign up on the sign up/waiting list that will be on the ProFSL league site. You will then need to submit an application in the list. I will provide you with what will need to be answered in the application. If multiple owners are on the waiting list, then it will not be first come first serve.

Free Agency:
Free Agency will be year round except for the playoffs.

Any player released or not resigned will be available for FA.

Bidding will be done in the transaction board and it is in terms of total contract value. Once you are the high bidder for 48 hours you will win the said player. After winning the player you have 72 hours to post the contract that abides by the Contract rules.

Bids less than $10m must be increased by at least $0.5m. Bids higher than $10m must be increased by at least $2m. You can only have a max of 5 winnings bids at any one time. If you have 5 winning bids, you must wait for one of them to be finalized or to be outbid before you can bid again.

At no time may the team go over the cap. So if you have 2m in space you are not allowed to have bids that total more than 2m at any point.

At NO TIME may you edit a bid after it has been posted. If you edit a bid, it will be invalid.

Restricted Free Agency:
If a player is an RFA then bidding will be done for the said player. The team who currently owns the player does not need to bid. Once the high bid stands for 48 hours the owning team has the option to match the offer. If they match it, they keep the RFA for that cost. If they do not match it, the RFA then goes to the winning bid. The team will have 24hrs to match the offer or the player is lost.

An RFA may be extended before Feb. 1 of the last year of the contract. When extending an RFA you multiply is extension salary by 1.2 resulting in his salary.

In RFA, if a player is not bid on, they may be signed to the league minimum of $0.4m for 1 or 2 years or they can be released to FA.

League will have varying entry fees starting at $30.00 and going to $55.00. The worst 5 teams are $30, the next 5 are $35.00, and so on. It is in order of regular season record that determines the entry fees. Money is to be paid to my paypal @

Beginning entry fees per team:
$30 Tier
Philadelphia 76ers :PHI-NBA:
Los Angeles Lakers :LAL:
Brooklyn Nets :BRK-NBA:
Phoenix Suns :PHX:
Minnesota Timberwolves :MIN-NBA:

$35 Tier
New Orleans Pelicans :NOP:
New York Knicks :NY:
Milwaukee Bucks :MIL-NBA:
Denver Nuggets :DEN-NBA:
Sacramento Kings :SAC:

$40 Tier
Orlando Magic :ORL:
Utah Jazz :UT:
Washington Wizards :WAS-NBA:
Houston Rockets :HOU-NBA:
Chicago Bulls :CHI-NBA:

$45 Tier
Memphis Grizzlies :MEM:
Dallas Mavericks :DAL-NBA:
Detroit Pistons :DET-NBA:
Portland Trail Blazers :POR:
Indiana Pacers :IND-NBA:

$50 Tier
Charlotte Hornets :CHA-NBA2:
Boston Celtics :BOS-NBA:
Atlanta Hawks :ATL-NBA:
Miami Heat :MIA-NBA:
Los Angeles Clippers :LAC:

$55 Tier
Oklahoma City Thunder :OKC:
Toronto Raptors :TOR-NBA:
Cleveland Cavaliers :CLE-NBA:
San Antonio Spurs :SA:
Golden State Warriors :GS:

Make the playoffs: $25.00
1st Round Winners: $33.00
2nd Round Winners: $66.00
Make NBA Finals: $83.00
Winner: $101.05

You may own shares of up to 5 teams in the league, but you can only GM one team.

Can only be given in the final year of a player's contract. Salary is based on player's top positional ranking from the last two seasons (current and 1 yr previous) and is subject to maximum years and bonus guidelines, as follows. Before February 1st, extensions are previous 2 seasons. After February 1st, extensions use the current season and the previous season. If a player in not ranked the minimum extension he can be signed for is $0.5m

RFA Deadline is February 1st, every year
When resigning a RFA before the deadline you must multiply his contract by 1.2.

All positions (you look up a player’s ranking at their position/positions and then find where that number on this table and that would be there salary)
1. $20.0m
2. $19.6m
3. $19.2m
4. $18.6m
5. $18.0m
6. $17.2m
7. $16.8m
8. $16.0m
9. $15.5m
10. $15m
11. $14.2m
12. $13.3m
13. $12.7m
14. $12.4m
15. $11.9m
16. $11.3m
17. $10.7m
18. $10.2m
19. $9.5m
20. $9m
21. $8.5m
22. $8m
23. $7.5m
24. $7m
25. $6.5m
26. $6m
27. $5.5m
28. $5m
29. $4.2m
30-35 $3.7m
36-45 $2.8m
46-55 $2m
56-70 $1.5m
71-85 $1m
86+ $0.5m

Everyone can have a 5 player d-league. A max of 5 players. No one can have more. Player’s on the d-league do not count against the cap. To call up or send down someone, you are to post it in the transactions board. Any player who has played in 45 or more games will not be eligible for the D-league. Once a player reaches 45 he will either be called up or released. D-league players will be on your fantrax minors roster, but you MUST post here that you want them moved to the active roster

Once the playoffs start, you cannot call up a player from the d-league except for in the case of an injury replacement. You may still send one down to activate someone from the IR.

The regular season will last for 19 weeks with the playoffs beginning in week 20 and lasting until week 23. the schedule will be set to have 82 games which will have an average of 4.3 games/week so there will be 4 games a week for each team with 6 additional games thrown in. We will be using this set-up to determine what teams will play which teams: http://www.nbastuffe...chedule is Made

Rookie Draft
Every year we will hold the rookie draft after the NBA Draft. It will be 2 rounds as usual. Teams may trade their draft picks for other draft picks or players.

To find rookie salaries, we will use cba faqs rookie salary scale. Any 2nd round pick will be $0.5m for 1,2, or 3 years (must be posted at time of decision to place draft picks on NBA roster or d-league. All 1st round picks will be placed on 2 year deals + 2 team options + RFA after the team options. 2nd rounds pick can be placed on 1, 2, or 3 year deals at the $0.5m if placed on the NBA roster.

Draft Order

The Order for the playoff teams will be in reverse order of record (regardless of which teams play in the NBA Championship game). The order for the worst 14 (otherwise known as lottery teams) will be determined through the NBA Draft Lottery (worst record gets best shot at the #1 pick)

The 14 non-playoff teams will be involved in the draft lottery process to determine the order of the first 14 picks in the 1st round. We will use to do this. I will use the option of choosing how many a team will receive. Here’s the process: 1st is worse team in league, 14th is best non-playoff team:
1st- 250
2nd- 199
3rd- 156
4th- 119
5th- 88
6th- 63
7th- 43
8th- 28
9th- 17
10th- 11
11th- 8-
12th- 7
13th- 6
14th- 5
In the event of there being a tie for a seed then we will take the average of the 2 spots. Ex. If the 6th and 7th teams tie, then both teams would get 53 (average of 63 and 43).

This is how the real draft lottery works, so we will use this.

*In the case that 2 teams tie for the same spot and neither moves up, then the team with the lower conference seed will get the higher pick. But if both teams have the same conference spot, then we will use a coin toss to determine which team gets the higher pick.

Protected Draft Picks
We do allow protected draft picks in this league. All you need to do is post the protected pick terms in the trade.

Lottery Protected Pick- This is used to revert a pick back to an owner if the pick ends up being a certain pick within the lottery picks (I.E. first, top 2, top 3, top 4, top 5, etc.)

Minimum salary per year is 400k or .4m. There is no maximum salary per year as long as a team can afford the player

Given amount per year

<= $1m, 2 years
$1.1m - $5.4m, 3 years
$5.5m - $10m, 4 years

$10m, 5 years (the overall limit)

Salary - Minimum Years
$20m+ - 5 years
$16 to $19.9m - 4 years
$11 to $15.9m - 3 years
$5 to $10.9m - 2 years


Trading is allowed obviously. An owner may pay for part or all of a player’s contract for that year or even future years in a trade to make the trade work out if cap is an issue in the trade. 80M is the hard cap and cap can not be traded meaning the only money that can move in a trade is the money that someone might pay for a player. Only the owner that owns that player can pay part of that player's contract in a trade. If 3 or more teams are in a trade, that 3rd team can not pay part of a salary going from team 1 to team 2 or vice-versa. If money is being paid in a future year when that season is a team option, the option must be picked up in order for money to be paid on that player. Player’s may be moved for draft picks. A posted trade will not be processed until 24 hours has passed regardless of whether or not the votes are there. (During the season) Trades are to be posted in the transactions board and must be agreed upon by both owners involved in a trade. This is how a trade must be posted:

Team A trades:
Kevin Durant 15.5M (2015/2016)

Team B trades:
Dwayne Wade 15.7M (2014/2015)*

Trades will be voted on by a trade committee of at least 7 people. TC will not vote unless the trade is in the right format. To state that someone is paying part of someone’s contract then you would put that in parentheses after the year. Example:

Team A trades:
Kevin Durant 15.5 M (2015/2016)(10M paid by Team A for 12/13)

All 7 members on the TC must try and vote on every trade. If a trade gets 3 or more vetoes, it will not pass

Everyone needs to respond to trade offers or messages about being interested in a certain player/pick. It is rude to not respond to trade messages. Even a simple, "no thank you," would be fine. If I get multiple people telling me that someone is not responding to trade offers, then you will be liable to loss of draft picks

Releasing Players
Any player dropped will have 50% of their salary each year count against the cap. You can pay this off faster by paying it all in one or two years if you want but you must have the cap space to accommodate this move.

Any player with a $1m or lower salary can be released with no cap hit.

Cap hits are rounded to the nearest $0.1m

You may not bid on a player that you have released for a period of 30 days. If you resign a player, their original contract is restored.

Also if a player retires for any reason, you are no longer on the hook for ANY of that contract immediately. Pretty simply stated, if player is retired, he is off your roster and you gain all cap space back at that moment!!! You must provide a link that shows a player is retired.

**Once the playoffs start, you can not pay extra in that season to get the player's penalty off the books faster. Ex. if you have a player under a $4m salary for 2 years, you can not pay the entire $4m penalty in that season once the playoffs start. This is done to prevent an owner from circumventing the system to gain extra cap space by paying extra salary in a year that have closed transactions already.

8 teams will make the playoffs from each conference just like as in the NBA. . Playoff seeding will be just as it is in the NBA. A division winner is not guaranteed to get a top 4 seed in this league just like in the NBA.

Round Matchups:

1 vs #8
4 vs #5
2 vs #7
3 vs #6
For playoff matchups, if a matchup ends in a tie, then the tiebreakers would be:
1. Higher Seed
2. Regular Season Record (only in finals)

Playoff seeding tiebreakers will be as follows:
1. Head to Head to Record
2. Division Record
3. Most Categories won during the season

Playoffs will take place on fantrax in one league.

Salary Cap Structure
Each team will inherit their current contracts as of the end of the 2015-16 NBA Season. This means that anyone with an expired contracts (including RFAs) will be a FA to be bid on in the league. The contract taken will be the average of their contract (so like for Anthony Davis, his contract is 145/5 years so his salary per year will be $29m) You will be allowed to drop 2 contracts from your inherited roster for free (this in place to help unload overpaid real-life contracts without having to pay a ton in cap hits). Contracts will be taken from You may drop a retired player for free by posting the drop in the Transactions board stating that the player is retired and you will be dropping him for free. The league will only use team options in the case of 1st round rookie contracts.


Salary cap for each team will be either $70m. Each team has 2 IR spots. Players on IR will still count towards team salary





Scoring is H2H Most Categories

Field Goal %
Free Throw %
3 Pointer’s Made
Roster Moves
ALL contracts must be posted with EVERY roster move. Meaning contracts must be listed in the trade, the call-up/send down, the drop, etc. No roster move will be processed without the contract listed.

All deadlines for Trades, Extensions, etc are set in stone.. If you do not make the move you want to by then, you will not get another chance to do them. The only ones that get an exception are those that join just after a deadline has passed. However not every new owner will get an exception to the deadlines. They will only get to surpass the deadline if the previous owner was inactive at the time of the deadline.

Link to the league boards:

Email me at if interested.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#299 » by alessandro3945 » Tue Aug 9, 2016 7:13 pm

One team opened up in our yahoo H2H dynasty league
we play 11 cats and have a forum and offline rookie/fa draft is soon
the managers are from all over the globe
if interested pm me
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#300 » by hkrawguy » Sat Sep 24, 2016 7:08 am


I am interested in ur dynasty league.

Plz send me details or invite at

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