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Post#321 » by rudylalanne » Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:09 pm

Ever wonder what it would be like running a team like an NBA General Manager? This league will give you the opportunity to do just that! 30 teams using real player salaries to build a dynasty. Every year league salary cap and player salaries will adjust to mirror the NBA! Think you have what it takes? Email me at to inquire and join!

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Re: Classifieds 

Post#322 » by chauns » Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:16 pm

Fantasy Basketball Federation - est 2000

We have some openings in our Fantasy Basketball leagues for 2018:

The Hague Storks

Minnesota North Stars
Oakland Lost Boys
The Hague Storks

The Hague Storks

Our league standard is 24 teams using a Salary Cap and player salaries, all are Keeper leagues, 13 player rosters with a short/long term IR, and a Draft & Stash provision, 38 game Head to Head regular season, and 4 tier playoffs.

Our 2018 Rookie Drafts start June 20th

Membership is $15 annually for an initial team, additional leagues (including any Fantasy Football leagues) are $5.

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at or

Thanks !

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Re: Classifieds 

Post#323 » by PerkinsFor3 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:56 pm

Looking for managers for a brand new Dynasty Roto league (Yahoo). It'll be a 16 team format with dedicated forum for any discussions and trade talks, experienced managers. Standard 9 cats, snake draft, FAAB, annual off season lottery (last 8 teams) and active off season. Picks can be traded 2 years ahead at max. Lottery odds for next year: 16th ranked- 22%, 15th ranked- 18%, 14th ranked- 15%, 13th ranked- 13%, 12th ranked- 11%, 11th ranked- 9%, 10th ranked- 7%, 9th ranked- 5%.

Only very active long-term managers. Still a few spots undecided. Draft in a week. No buy in, no auction.

We have a shortlist of managers for the remaining spots, but want to make sure we get the best ones in.

DM for more info please!
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#324 » by alessandro3945 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:11 pm

Looking for an additional yahoo fantasy league, roto or H2H
i'm an experienced diamond level yahoo player
Send me a pm if you have an interesting league with an opening.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#325 » by Javy Dawg » Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:23 am

Replacement manager needed for competitive H2H salary cap dynasty league (4th Year/Yahoo)

League forum and be found here…

Rules and Salary info here…

Take a look at the rules and forum and if you’re interested let me know.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#326 » by Chi Dynasty12 » Mon Oct 7, 2019 3:58 am

-League type
-Number of teams
-Number of open spots in the league
-Where the league will be running
-Draft type

Hi, my long-running league just had a member leave. Have been doing it for years, buy-in is 150 with payouts going to regular-season and playoff champ and runner-up.

Most of us are close-friends from Chicago / Minnesota, but desperate for one more manager to make it 12 teams! Join in, it's a blast. Draft on Thursday night of October 17th!
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#327 » by TSA_Denver3 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:04 am

-Head to Head points league
scoring settings mostly similar to Daily basketball formats
-10 or 12 teams
-4 or 6 open spots

Draft is on Monday October 21 at 8pm et
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#328 » by Ivo CZBG » Thu Jul 9, 2020 9:07 am

Hello to Everyone, God bless you, be safe.


My name is Ivan and i'm new on this forum. I'm looking for new GM-s for our NBA Dynasty league. We organize NBA fantasy leagues for last three years and it's success for now. This is new league that we're starting. Old one was with level leagues, 1st division with 10 elite clubs, second division with also 10 clubs, that's lower level of competition and so on. There is also paralel development leagues for those divisions where we draft only players under 150th ranking. I'm writing down all statistics that is possible for every league we play. Clubs geting medals after every round for points in round, counting club coeficient and every other stuff.

This Dynasty league will be few levels up. We'll have here every possible stat sheet also, for clubs, managers, players, but also everything else will be improved.

I will explain just a little bit of everything because its too much text in original topic on our forum. If someone is interested to join, i will explain even better and i will translate original text.

Here is our forum with original post, its on Serbian but you can see how long is league presentation. There is also explained everything about salary cap and other finances. I will not write that for now but its very similar to real NBA, something is just modified for fantasy purpose.

If you want to become a part of this forum, you just need to sign up for free and that's it.

Maybe looks like its complicated but its not. There is a lot of text because i wanted to explain every scenario. Also, we have whole first year to understand everything, and then on the start of the second season we'll start calculating salary caps and other stuff. After first year, everyone will get an advice what he can do with salary cap and budget, and then it will be much easier for incoming years.



I will first fill up this recruitment sheet.

-League type: (H2H points)
-Duels: weekly, roster change before every game.
-Number of teams: 30 clubs
-Number of open spots in the league: we have around 20-25 people in our old league, and we're looking for up to 10 people for sure.
-Where the league will be running: (Yahoo)
-Draft type: (Auction) It will be on our forum, it will be slow auction for 2-3 weeks.
-Salary cap: 120.000.000$
-Roster size: 15 players + aditional 3 spots for injured players and players without contracts + few spots for rookies.

Our league will have;

Original NBA format (30 clubs, 2 conferences, 6 divisions)
Original schedule from week 1 to week 16(82 games)
Original duel results(example - 110:105)
Original playoffs from week 17 and up, 16 clubs(best of 3-3-5-5 or 5-5-5-5)
Original rosters with balanced positions (duels with 30 player matches per week, PG-6, SG-6, SF-6, PF-6, C-6,)
Original rookie draft and lotery
Original salary cap
Original finance,

Original transactions(trade, fa, wave, 2 weeks tryout, buyout)
Salary cap exceptions (salary growth, trades, injured players, bird right, rookie draft slots, minimum contracts)


We also have fantasy ADD-ON, its a virtual budget. Everything will be calculated for you, virtual budget, salary caps, everything. You just need to be concentrated on a game and to enjoy.

You can earn money for wins, for advancing in to playoffs, for fans in arena.

You can spend money for luxury tax if you go over salary cap.

You can upgrade your arena, everyone will start with 5000 seats. Atendence will be depending on your last month results. If you have score 18:2 in november, that is 90 % of wins, so i will simulate from 90 to 100 % of arena capacity in december, i'll be doing that on I will put number 4500(90%) and 5000(100%) and we will get number between those two and that's number of fans that come on that game. If you have score 5:15, that's 25 % of wins, so i will put 1250-5000 and you will have atendence something between those two numbers. I will simulate for every single game, its very simple but nice add on for our fantasy.

You can also invest in basketball academy in every country in the world and then you can recruit one player from FA during the season if he is from that country where you open academy. He will be in your academy for one year for some small amount of money from virtual budget, and then you can sign him next year for minimum contract, and then he becomes part of your salary cap. That's just fun add on, virtual budget is not part of real players budget, players budget will be 120.000.000$ for everyone.


We will start filling this tables with aplicants, we already have around 5 aplications in 2 days. We're waiting for others from our first fantasy league that we played last few years, but you can also send your aplication and after one week you will get your team. You can choose more then one team in aplication, you can sort them on your priority.

We already picked DETROIT Pistons, NEW YORK Knicks, SAN ANTONIO Spurs, ATLANTA Hawks and CHICAGO Bulls.



This is playoff graphic, its just an example.



We finished our schedule for entire season. Every club will have from 3 to 6 games per week. You will need to set 30 player matches per week in fantasy and that's all, that will be your score for every oponent in that week. Everything is connected. You will have sometimes 5,6,7 games in a row on the road, sometimes at home, sometimes back to back with same oponent in 2 weeks period, its very realistic like real NBA league.

This is original schedule for our first week.






We will have original scores like in real NBA games with divide function. If we have 30 player matches per duel, that will be scores from around 800-1100. If we divide that with 8 we get scores from around 90-140. I already prepared everything and that will be very simple to execute when we start to play.



We will have a little different rule for draft positions. We will not allow tanking in our league. Last club in the league will not have best position before draft lotery. We will give advance for clubs that are closest to the playoff spot but they didnt get in. So, 9th rank will have biggest amount of balls in lotery, every other position will have a little bit less and so on to the last clubs in the league.

We will do draft lotery on our forum. I already darkened images with club logos, i tested and it works. I will post every darkened picture with club logos on forum, each club will have a certain number of pictures, it depends of position like i said before. Then someone who is not participating in draft lotery will picking up pictures. He will write down first which number he chose, and then he will download that picture on his computer, so i can know for sure which one he chose. He will then do a brightness on that picture in photoshop or other program, and then club logo will be revealed. We will find out who's first pick and we can continue with same patern.

There is a lot of more of everything but i dont want to write all of that for now, if someone is interested in this fantasy league i will explain everything in detail.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#329 » by Ivo CZBG » Thu Jul 9, 2020 4:42 pm

Sorry for double post, i forgot to explain most important thing, playoffs :)

We tried this in some other competition and it was successful. So, we tought that after regular season and weekly duels, we start duels with 5 on 5 player matches. We will writing down on forum our starting lineups for every duel during the playoffs, every postion need one player and one of his match. So we'll have duels with just 5 on 5 matches so we can play much more duels. After week 16(RS) we have a lot of more weeks to finish playoffs. We have up to 7 weeks to finish, that is around 25 matches for every player so we can use them in our 3-3-5-5 situation or maybe also in best of 5-5-5-5 situation, which is maximum of 20 matches in the playoff.

It will be very interesting playoff with just 5 matches in one duel, it will be very exciting when you follow one player and his every minute counts like never before because his score is 1/5 of entire duel.

Everything will be explained even better before season start.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#330 » by Edmonton Crunch » Fri Nov 27, 2020 4:03 pm

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Re: Classifieds 

Post#331 » by Stix » Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:11 pm

Suns Board is looking to fill 4-5 spots in our G-League, please sign up as soon as possible:

Competitive Yearly Redraft Roto League (top 3 get promoted to our Premier League)


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Re: Classifieds 

Post#332 » by getrichordie » Sun Dec 6, 2020 6:45 am

Looking to find managers for our 8-cat. rotisserie league (Yahoo-based).

If interested, PM me and I can answer all questions and send you link to join if interested.

We will be also hosting live shows where we discuss the league, etc. so should be a fun one to compete in and I hope to find enough people who are enthusiastic enough to keep things going past this season.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#333 » by TheCage4 » Sat Jan 9, 2021 1:43 pm

Any Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2021 leagues out there?
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#334 » by Ugly Duckling » Wed Aug 25, 2021 6:07 pm

im looking for a yahoo 12 team league with standard settings. im already in one but hey. doesn't matter if its keeper or not
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#335 » by Parliament10 » Mon Sep 6, 2021 5:04 am


The RealGM Basketball, 2021-22, league was Auto-Renewed, and is now Active.

Everyone intending be in the league this year, Please Check-In, on the Basketball league Chat.
If you Do Not intend to be in the league this year, then please Contact me by Inbox on RealGM or Facebook.

There will be Cash Prizes this year, for 1st - 4th Place. As well as a $10 Entry Fee.
We had 22 Teams last year, and intend to have 24 this year.

If you're interested, then please Inbox me, for the Join Link.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#336 » by writersblock » Thu Sep 29, 2022 2:11 am

The RealGM Fantasy Forum League (FFL) has 2 openings. Arguably the first and best fantasy league on RealGM (ok, might not be first). We've been playing for 20 years. Super competitive. Standard H2H settings. 18-20 managers. Come join us

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Re: Classifieds 

Post#337 » by UcanUwill » Wed Oct 5, 2022 5:48 pm

Looking for fantasy, very clueless fantasy player, but I did it few times. If it has a thread on Real GM, its a bonus, PM me please if you have empty spots.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#338 » by Kiire303 » Fri Oct 7, 2022 6:29 am

We are a league that has existed for almost 20 years with only dutch speaking managers. Last year the inactivity from some managers made us decide that we need to replace 6 managers. We also decided that we no longer stick with dutch language but will ask English speakers. All communication is in English since that decision

Our league uses Slack and is not standard at all. It is a Dynasty league, that does not use % categories. Draft 2022 still needs to be done.

Teamname must be a current NBA team

Max Teams: 14

Scoring Type: Head-to-Head - One Win

Max Acquisitions per Week: 4

Weekly Deadline: Daily - Today

Start Scoring on: Week 1

Playoffs: 8 teams - Week 22, 23 and 24 (ends Sunday, Apr 9)

Playoff Tie-Breaker: Best regular season record vs opponent wins

Roster Positions: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IL+, IL+

Players Stat Categories: Field Goals Made (FGM), Free Throws Made (FTM), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Offensive Rebounds (OREB), Defensive Rebounds (DREB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO)

Draftlottery 6 teams out of play offs. Lottery is only for top 3 picks, so team with worst record can only drop to 4th.

Teams that are available, teamname can be changed but needs to be current NBA team.
Houston, Chicago, New Orleans, Phoenix, Denver, OKC, Cleveland and Minnesota already taken.

New York Knicks
Devin Booker , Talen Horton-Tucker , Miles Bridges , Deandre Ayton , Ja Morant , Tobias Harris , Davis Bertans , Jonas Valanciunas , Isaiah Stewart , Gordon Hayward , Nickeil Alexander-Walker , Spencer Dinwiddie draftpicks Lottery 2nd best odds + pick 16

Milwaukee Bucks
Cole Anthony , RJ Barrett , Micheal Porter Jr. , Giannis Antetokounmpo , Karl-Anthony Towns , Lonnie Walker IV , Malcom Brogdon , Dejounte Murray , Rui Hachimura , Bam Adebayo , OG Anunoby , Deni Avdija draftpicks 12+26

Dallas Mavericks
Damian Lillard , Jrue Holiday , Patrick Williams , Jae’Sean Tate , Brook Lopez , Domantas Sabonis , Chris Paul , Danny Green , Thomas Bryant , Wendell Carter Jr. , Aaron Gordon , Matisse Thybulle draftpicks 10+24

Philadelphia 76’ers
Delon Wright , Evan Fournier , Kevin Durant , Pascal Siakam , Shai Gilgeous-Alexander , Bogdan Bogdanovic , Draymond Green , Joel Embiid , Montrezl Harrell , Josh Hart , Nerlens Noel , Jamal Murray draftpick 7+21

Indiana Pacers
Kyrie Irving , Trae Young , Paul George , PJ Washington , Nikola Vucevic , Norman Powell , Bradley Beal , Joe Harris , KJ Martin Jr. , Eric Bledsoe , Bojan Bogdanovic , Malik Beasley draftpicks lottery 6th highest odds (lowest) + 20

Boston Celtics
Darius Garland , Marcus Smart , Saddiq Bey , Tristan Thompson , DeAndre Jordan , Stephen Curry , Dillion Brooks , Terrence Ross , Kawhi Leonard , James Wiseman , Dennis Schroder , Jonathan Isaac draftpicks Lottery 3rd best odds + pick 17
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#339 » by Curtis Lemansky » Tue Oct 11, 2022 9:16 am

We are looking for 1 more gm for a 20-team standard 9 cat h2h daily lineup yahoo league. The league is named FFL and has been running for 17 years. It is a yearly redraft league (no keepers) and the draft will be a live draft on yahoo 16th of October at 3 pm EST. You can pm me if you are interested.
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Re: Classifieds 

Post#340 » by basketballer9 » Fri Oct 13, 2023 5:53 pm

I am doing a 20-team standard 9 cat h2h daily linuep Yahoo league and have been doing it for the last few years. Also a yearly re-draft league and our draft will be live next Sunday, October 22nd at 7:45PM EST. There is a $50 buy-in and we just need four more managers to get to 20. Unfortunately though, I don't think I have recorded enough activity on this board to receive/send PMs, so I guess I'll just drop my instagram handle which's bryan.zimmerman.165. If interested just hit me up there or respond to this message and we'll figure it out! Thanks!

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