Designated Player/Contract Escalators

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Designated Player/Contract Escalators 

Post#1 » by bwgood77 » Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:09 am

For these escalators, using the Luka vs Trae comparisons, where Luka already met the criteria, and thus his $207 over 5 is guaranteed, Trae has it written into his contract, but hasn't hit the criteria.

The question I have is, do you have to hit this criteria before the first year of the new contract starts? Like if Trae gets All NBA next year, it triggers, or at any time in the contract?

The way it is written makes me think it has to hit before, because if someone made all NBA in their 4th year it doesn't seem like it would suddenly jump up to 30% then, or that they would get backpay and an escalator for the entire contract. Same goes for MVP or DPOY.

Because it also says "in two of the most recent 3 seasons" or just the recent season, it seems like it would have to happen before the contract commences.

I'm just thinking of Ayton as an example. I don't know that he will get a max, but he would have to hit one of those things this coming season, which is highly improbable, so it wouldn't really matter if it was in the contract if he doesn't hit an All NBA team this year (assuming he doesn't get DPOY either)...and of course any MVP would be on an All NBA team anyway.
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Re: Designated Player/Contract Escalators 

Post#2 » by DBoys » Mon Oct 18, 2021 7:02 pm

The qualifier has to be met when the extension begins. So with extension beginning in 2022-23, the 2021-22 season is a possible year to satisfy the conditions. Later years are not.

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