Side Deals and S&T's

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Side Deals and S&T's 

Post#1 » by pad300 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:33 pm

Can you do a side deal to make an RFA signing more palatable, as opposed to an S&T?

To explain: Team A wants to sign RFA X (away from team B) to a full MLE deal. Team B is contemplating matching but is not certain.
Team A cannot arrive at a S&T with Team B as they have no cap space, and Team B wants none of their players, thus you can't match the incoming salary (to team A) in an S&T deal. Can team A make a proposal: Team B will choose not match their offer to RFA X, and in a separate trade, offer something clearly to Team B's advantage, eg. Trading Team A's 2020 1st round pick, in return for Team B's 2020 second round pick.

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