Repost from General Proposal for Competive Balance and Anti Player Collusion

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Repost from General Proposal for Competive Balance and Anti Player Collusion 

Post#1 » by Bleedsgreen » Sun Jul 7, 2019 3:19 am

Need some framing around the edges but I suggest introduce a Franchise Player Slot of 40% up to 55% of the cap. Not sure if it 1 per team, or beyond 1 can only be offered to a birds right free agent.
Any free agent offered a Franchise Player slot must choose among those teams offering the slot. Players may not like the limitation on there movement and inability to play with there friend but having 3 teams with 6 of the top 10 Players and Superstars getting other superstars to demand trades is a death nail to smaller markets.
May also want to add something that any Franchise player that has multiple teams putting in holds, final contract is the max offer of all the teams offers or add salary/cap hold kicker for every team that offers. That way the team that ends up with the best player works with less cap space. Any team that doesn't make the playoffs can rescind their franchise tagged player and forfeits the chance to win the Lottery or pick goes to end of the lottery in order of finish with other teams that rescinded. Have to work out how the money works on the rescinded player (goes down to Max contract level?) and also becomes "franchise slot limited free agent", that other teams can tag and bring in tearing up the old contract. [Yea this could back fire a player tanks then demands to be rescinded so can go else where].

This should at least distribute the 30 best players among the teams and lets teams have a out if they make a disastrous pick on a franchise player. Also add some balance that the best player get high percentage of the salary cap to make it more difficult to build a team. Might prevent seeing the best players play with each other but it also boosts the all star game as an event.

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