Suggestion for a new sub section. GTOAT

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Suggestion for a new sub section. GTOAT 

Post#1 » by LegendaryLakers » Wed Dec 23, 2020 9:08 am

GTOAT =Greatest threads of all time.

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, I think it would be amazing to have a subsection dedicated to some of the greatest threads in this boards history. Mainly threads that had to do with the discussion of a big or historic moment. I personally love rereading old threads for nostalgia purposes and seeing first hand the reactions people went through.

Some examples

Kobe’s 81 point game thread from the raptors board and general board.

Lebron’s Decision thread.

Game 6 2013 Heat vs Spurs

KD signing with GS

Cavs vs Warriors

Lebron to LA

Malice in the Palace

Lebron vs Detroit Game 6 and countless more. It feels a bit like relieving history when reading the comments as it happened.

There is so many threads I’d love to go back through and read, but it feels pretty impossible sifting through the countless old threads to find the gems. Then again, maybe I’m just terrible at using the search function.

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